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Go ! Proposals for Building a New World-governance Architecture - 31 August 2009 - by Equipe du FnGM / FnWG team
Although there have been a few attempts at building a new world governance, the latter has remained largely embryonic. It is nonetheless possible, in the vast open space of world governance, to move forward in great strides, even with limited means, precisely because there is plenty of space. Advancing proposals is a risky, but indispensable enterprise. The Proposal Papers that have so far been contributed to the Forum for a new World Governance are there as a way of daring to consider the (...)

Go ! Speaking for Ourselves! - 28 June 2008 - by Caroline Mackenzie
A huge project, a meeting place for migrants from all the continents, an information and resource center, a hub to make joint projects grow: that is precisely what Empowerment & Migration is all about. Project coordinator, Caroline Mackenzie, suggests we look into it, whether or not we are migrants. The latest editorial published on this Web site made me want to tell you about our project, Empowerment & Migration, and invite you over for a visit, where you might contribute to its (...)

Go ! Major Youth Festival in the Philippines to be Celebrated in May 2008 - 10 September 2007 - by Pinky CUPINO
How do young people become aware of their responsibilities to the planet and to humankind, in other words, to their own future? How do they exercise those responsibilities? The Philippine Facilitation Team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities has a few answers to these important questions, and is applying the means to materializing them. A report by Pinky Cupino. Y Acts! Youth Festival 2008! was launched by the Philippine Facilitation Team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities last (...)

Go ! Art Work on Environment and Responsibility Starts World Travels in Greece - 24 August 2007 - by Yolanda Ziaka
It is widely accepted that art speaks to the human soul directly, and the team of the Allied Workgroup for the Charter of Human Responsibilities has once again taken the art road to raising human awareness on its responsibility to the environment, with a traveling art show that will slowly, but surely, make its way around the world. A report from Yolanda Ziaka, from the Charter team. Our team has organized a series of traveling exhibitions presenting the works of American, Brazilian, and (...)

Go ! Infocom21 Launches Technical Platform for Citizen Alliances & Networks and Opens Web Site - 7 August 2007 - by Equipe Infocom21
In the spirit of the Constituent Charter of the Alliance, and in line with the decisions consigned in the Charter, a new project is now born, offering citizen networks the tools and methods that will help to change the Alliance into in an alliance of alliances … When it launched the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World, the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind had, from the start, the intuition that building a global citizen community would require (...)

Go ! Empowerment & Migration - 6 August 2007
The Empowerment & Migration project seeks to highlight the ways in which migrants find a place for themselves in the new country of residence. This integration can take many forms: finding a stable job, placing children in local schools, joining an association, playing in a sports team, contributing to the social welfare system, taking the new nationality, doing volunteer work, participating in the democratic process, etc. In establishing the E&M project, we place our professional (...)

Go ! Children Write Charters Too! - 15 May 2007
The earlier in life awareness begins to rise - on individual and collective responsibility, in particular - the more chances humankind will have to succeed in making the necessary transformations for its own survival in harmony with the survival of the planet! The Indian team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities facilitated an experience between young Filipinos and Indians, an example for similar ideas everywhere. Cultural exchange between young Filipinos and young Indians… From April (...)

Go ! Do You Want to Be a Part of Making Another World Possible? - 8 February 2007 - by Marti Olivella
A project aimed at the younger generations, to take one more step along the way toward the future that we wish for ... For almost 30 years, part of the current team of Nova - Centro por la Innovación Social have been putting our chips on promoting socially innovating proposals, projects and models to facilitate the construction of alternatives to the current rules of the game for social, political and economic organization; rules of the game that are increasingly breaking down the world (...)

Go ! Philippe Amouroux Passes away - 4 April 2006
It is with great sorrow that we announce the sudden death, last March 25, of Philippe Amouroux, who was 51. Philippe played a crucial role in the Alliance. It was he who coordinated the debate on the Constituent Charter in 2005. He facilitated all the technological and methodological work on the development of tools for the Alliance: data bases, forums, etc. Finally and above all, he coordinated the great diversity of workshops of the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy. He had also (...)

Go ! Diálogos da rua (Street Dialogues) - 12 January 2006 - by Isis de Palma
It will not be through the Internet that we will recover direct democracy, the Greek “agora” that has been forgotten in the archive under papers stacked up by the techno-magicians of modern times. Those of us who have spent considerable time on Internet-based dialogs have learned that they are terribly limited in light of our social ambitions... In the street is where we can recover everyone’s voices, self-confidence, and trust in one another: the foundation of a responsible society, for (...)

Go ! Global Citizens’ Report - 27 September 2005 - by Marina Urquidi
A very ambitious citizens project is cooking. The UN is currently talking about reform and it is easy to see that it’s not going to be much more than business-as-usual while wars continue and poverty progresses. Citizens around the world are expected to stand helpless as our global institutions haggle and remain ineffective, when they are not actually making things worse. A number of organizations and movements are planning to open a process where EVERY CITIZEN AROUND THE WORLD, (...)

Go ! Meetings in São Paulo Discuss Artists’ Responsibilities - 16 May 2005 - by Júlia Tavares
The second meeting of “Artists Having Coffee” took place at the Pólis Institute on April 28 as part of the events of the World Network of Artists in Alliance set up in the late nineties. These meetings are attended by artists or persons involved in culture in Brazil or abroad. Following is an interview with Hamilton Faria, coordinator of the Pólis Culture Team and facilitator of the Network. Interview by Júlia Tavares How did the idea of the World Network of Artists in Alliance come up? (...)

Go ! Reforming the United Nations Organization and Redefining Global Governance - 25 March 2005 - by Gustavo Marin
Report of the meeting on the reform of the U.N. with the U.N. Secretariat on March 3, 2005 Following the annual Bridge Initiative conference organized in Paris in December 2004 at the FPH and at UNESCO, we contributed to implementing a discussion process between civil-society organizations and multilateral-institution officers in the framework of the reform of the U.N. that will be discussed at the U.N. General Assembly in September 2005. Several Dialogue and Controversy Tables had been (...)

Go ! Main Points for the Discussion with the United Nations Secretariat - 24 March 2005 - by Gustavo Marin, Pierre Calame
This document was presented at the meeting organized by the Bridge Initiative and the UN Secretariat in New York on March 3, 2005 1. The United Nations Secretariat is facing a historic opportunity. The document it is to send to the Heads of State in view of the September 2005 General Assembly cannot amount simply to a compilation of recommendations for reforming the system designed in the wake of World War II. The reform should not be merely institutional, limited to the reorganization of (...)

Go ! Second International Meeting for Human Responsibilities - 23 February 2005 - by Carlos Rivera
The city-port of Valparaíso, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and Santiago, the capital of Chile, located at the southern tip of America, were the setting in which the members of the Coordination Committee for the promotion of the Charter of Human Responsibilities held their work sessions. This was the second international meeting of the Committee, which had met for the first time in October 2003 on the island of Syros, Greece. Representatives came from the five continents and the purpose (...)

Go ! Glegbenu Network and Traversées Meet in Benin - 10 February 2005 - by Gustave Assah
Glegbenu and Traversées met in Benin this past September 28 - October 10, 2004. On the program of this crossing of paths between two associated Alliance initiatives: mutual discovery of their projects, experience sharing, presentation workshops for the Charter of Human Responsibilities, and the mapping thesaurus method. The Glegbenu network, linked to the Youth Workshop of the Alliance, and the GRAPAD (Groupe de Recherche d’Appui pour l’Agriculture et le Développement - Research group in (...)

Go ! The Web site for the Charter of Human Responsibilities is now available - 30 January 2005
The first version of the Web site for the Charter of Human Responsibilities is open! The Charter is about to be disseminated, discussed, and adapted. The International Facilitation Committee in charge of doing so will be supported by partners in the different regions of the world. Please visit the Web site now!

Go ! Proposal for Street Dialogues around the World, in Parallel to the WSF 2005 - 25 November 2004 - by Hamilton Faria, Isis de Palma
Hello, friends of the Alliance, We invite all Allies and friends who are not going to the WSF 2005 to also organize [“street conversations.” >] Great idea “The planned cross-Terrain ’ street conversation’ activity" has inspired those who are not going to Porto Alegre. The idea is to plan street dialogues at the same time in several other places of the world, in connection with the Porto Alegre dialogues, through the Internet. It is (...)

Go ! Visit the Updated Web Site of the Allies at the WSF - 21 October 2004
Allies and their partners are preparing for next World Social Forum (in Porto Alegre, January 25 to 31, 2005). In order to share this preparation work, we all have at our disposal a Web site, "The Allies at the WSF," which has just been revamped and which you can visit from now on. You will be able to visit it as preparations progress in the course of the next few months: before, during, as well as after the Forum, as it will be filling up continuously with several types of information: (...)

Go ! Preparing the WSF 2005: A Powerful Experience! - 14 July 2004 - by Christophe Aguiton, Etienne Galliand, Francisco Whitaker, Luis Lopezllera Méndez, Marti Olivella, Michel Sauquet, Sandro Guiglia, Susan George, Véronique Rioufol
June 20, 2004 Another World Social Forum Is Also Possible After the World Social Forum of Mumbai (India), the International Council of the World Social Forum decided last April at its meeting in Perugia, Italy, to wager on a participatory process to determine the program for the World Social Forum to be held in Porto Alegre from January 26 to 31, 2005. As members of the Alliance, we attended this very important meeting, which opened a new phase of the WSF, and with Manola Gardez, Nicolas (...)


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