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Diálogos da rua (Street Dialogues)

It will not be through the Internet that we will recover direct democracy, the Greek “agora” that has been forgotten in the archive under papers stacked up by the techno-magicians of modern times. Those of us who have spent considerable time on Internet-based dialogs have learned that they are terribly limited in light of our social ambitions...

In the street is where we can recover everyone’s voices, self-confidence, and trust in one another: the foundation of a responsible society, for which this will be the only way to obtain that the res-publica no longer be managed tomorrow by liars, as it is today. In fact, this is already beginning to happen!

Read this announcement of a meeting recently held in São Paulo. “Street Conversations” are activities being prepared as a road to next Brazilian Social Forum. The picture is of one of several Street Conversations that took place in Porto Alegre during the activities of the last WSF, in January 2005. There is a lot of experience of this type of activity in Brazil.

For further information, write to Isis de Palma, of the facilitation group.


Brazilian Social Forum Street Conversations

Who are we?

A group of: teachers, journalists, artists, educators, and workers who belong to networks and organizations working with education, art, the environment, and culture to improve the quality of life of people who live in the city. The activity has no connection with governments, religions, or political parties.

What do we want?

To produce Street Conversations in every corner of the country with the population in the streets. Street Conversations are spaces designed to talk about subjects in which we are interested. About the things that happen in the neighborhoods, in the city, in Brazil, and in the world. We believe that we are all responsible for what happens in the life of people and communities, so we need to hear what everyone has to propose, and encourage everyone to speak. It is only by listening to one another that it will be possible to find the true pathways to change.

What is the Brazilian Social Forum?

The Forum is ourselves, a society struggling to build a fairer and less inequitable world. Since 2001, there have been Social Forums in Brazil and in the world. In all parts of the country, entities, unions, networks, social movements, and community organizations have devoted themselves to inventing new ways of governing Brazil. In November, dozens of Brazilian cities are organizing small Forums of the same kind. In April 2006, there will be a major National Forum and everyone is invited to contribute and to assume their responsibility in the changes that we want for there to be transparency and solidarity in Brazil, for it to distribute its wealth fairly.

When? On November 25, 2005

Where? At the Praça Ramos de Azevedo, in front of the Municipal Theater

At what time? Starting at noon

Come and take part in this Street Conversation!


Isis de Palma
Coordinator of the Regional facilitation (...)
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