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Meetings in São Paulo Discuss Artists’ Responsibilities

Interview with Hamilton Faria, of the World Network of Artists in Alliance

The second meeting of “Artists Having Coffee” took place at the Pólis Institute on April 28 as part of the events of the World Network of Artists in Alliance set up in the late nineties. These meetings are attended by artists or persons involved in culture in Brazil or abroad. Following is an interview with Hamilton Faria, coordinator of the Pólis Culture Team and facilitator of the Network.

Interview by Júlia Tavares

How did the idea of the World Network of Artists in Alliance come up?

Hamilton - It is part of a world dynamics that was conceived in the late eighties and began in the early nineties, which is called Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World. This network is active in most parts of the world and develops a series of activities, theme- as well as action-based, with groups concerned with water, energy, global or local governance issues, and many more. So, we asked ourselves: Why not set up something similar, but with artists?

What is this network’s proposal today?

Hamilton - Its aim is to share our experiences in art within social contexts, to discuss the role of artists in making another world possible, to publish the work of these artists, and to share our aesthetic and ethical views, and other similar activities.

When did you begin having meetings with artists from abroad?

Hamilton - In 1997, Elisabeth Grimberg (also from Pólis) and I participated in the coordination of a large international meeting organized with SESC, for which Pólis was the Executive Secretariat and which was attended by persons from 62 countries. In 1998, Pólis organized a meeting called “Developing with Art”; in 2001, we organized another meeting in Itapecerica da Serra with attendance from 17 countries, which had been prepared through an electronic forum with the participation of 90 persons from 12 countries. The result of that meeting was the publication “Art and Cultural Identity in Building a World of Solidarity,” authored by the poet Pedro Garcia, also a facilitator of the Network, and myself. Later, we were present in Greece for the development of the Charter of Human Responsibilities, followed by an artists’ caravan in Palestine and Israel seeking cross-cultural dialogue. More recently, the Alliance organized a dialogue between China and India through films with the participation of members of the Network of Artists. We also started up, in partnership with Pólis, the magazine “Re-enchantment of the World,” with texts by Fayga Ostrower and Octávio Iani, among others. The latest meetings took place during the workshops of the World Cultural Forum (June 2004) and World Social Forum (January 2005) with artists from several continents.

What activities is the Network focusing on today and what is “Artists Having Coffee” for?

Hamilton - Today, we are working on a Charter of Artists’ Responsibilities and on a Web site. “Artists Having Coffee” is designed to gather ideas and thoughts that should be reflected in the Charter and in the Web site. It is an informal conversation, a reason for people to meet on a regular basis, and there is no obligation to reach some particular end. From here, artists can network: it is a simple idea, and it should take place monthly at the most.



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