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Global Citizens’ Report

A very ambitious citizens project is cooking. The
UN is currently talking about reform and it is
easy to see that it’s not going to be much more
than business-as-usual while wars continue and
poverty progresses. Citizens around the world are
expected to stand helpless as our global
institutions haggle and remain ineffective, when
they are not actually making things worse.

A number of organizations and movements are
planning to open a process where EVERY CITIZEN
AROUND THE WORLD, whatever his or her condition
or status, will be able to have his or her voice
heard in a "Global Citizens’ Report." We, the
People, have a true and sincere concern for the
welfare the planet, we have done a lot of
thinking and experimenting, and we have valuable
proposals on how it should be governed: for what
purposes, in what ways, and by whom. We plan to
join our voices and make them impossible to disregard.

Add your voice to this process! Go to

and SPREAD THE WORD among your friends and through your networks!


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