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Go ! Results of the Forum on the World Parliament. - 13 July 2004 - by Arnaud Blin, Germà Pelayo, Gustavo Marin, Pierre Calame
The results of the first phase of discussion of the electronic forum “A World Parliament for the 21st Century” (October 2002 - January 2003) are now available in English and have been for some time also in French What are the values and principles for building a world community? What is the role of each of the international institutions in the map of global governance? How can we imagine a body that is able to represent and to combine, democratically, the complexity of the human family? How (...)

Go ! Moving toward the WSF 2005: Participate in Its Elaboration Now - 4 June 2004 - by WSF Secretariat
Dear Friends, With this letter we start the mobilization for the Fifth World Social Forum (WSF), which will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from January 26 to January 31, 2005. This letter has been sent, in different languages, to thousands of organizations that have participated in previous editions of the WSF (in Porto Alegre from 2001 to 2003 and in Mumbai in 2004) and in the Thematic and Regional Social Forums. Besides that, it can be duplicated and sent through electronic mailing (...)

Go ! Mumbai 2004: Solidarity Economy Meets People’s Economy - 28 April 2004 - by Françoise Wautiez, Philippe Amouroux
The Workgroup on a Solidarity Socio-Economy (WSSE) at the Fourth WSF, Mumbai, January 16 to 21, 2004 After the European Social Forum, we barely had a month left – December, with its illuminated streets, its end-of-year balances, all the presents to buy and all the friends and relatives to whom, at least according to tradition, we should dedicate a little more time, time that just seemed to be slipping by so quickly – to finish preparing the Economy of Solidarity events for the fourth World (...)

Go ! What’s New ? 2003, December - 2004, January - 15 January 2004
Dear Friends, In this issue, Edith Sizoo announces the institution in Greece of an International Committee for the "Charter of Human Responsibilities." Isis de Palma tells of her experience with the drums cooperative "Ilu Bogbo Ayie" of Brazil, which is part of the Drums for Peace initiative. You can also read about the workshops that the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy helped to organize at the European Social Forum in Paris. There are also other topics and proposals, such as the (...)

Go ! A Call to Renew the Foundation of the Alliance - 19 December 2003
Whereas the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall foretold of a new organization of the world, founded on international multilateralism based on law and democracy, we have been plunged into a completely different scenario. That of the undivided rule of the American Empire over the rest of the world. Neoliberal globalization is spreading its tentacles out unceasingly, reaching every last corner of the planet and doing nothing but aggravating inequalities between the rich and (...)

Go ! Charter of Human Responsibilities: Taking up the challenge! - 18 December 2003 - by Edith Sizoo
A long process of wide-ranging discussions within the Alliance focusing on the need for a Charter of Human Responsibilities, its contents, legitimacy, appeal, efficacy, and its ultimate place in both civil society and within international institutions, led to a draft text which was discussed by the World Assembly of Citizens in Lille, December 2001. A revised version was then submitted for further comment to those who had participated in the Assembly, and to the wider circle of Allies and (...)

Go ! Cultures, Religions, Citizenship and the World Parliament process - 17 December 2003 - by Siddhartha
“We haven’t reached the end of history, but rather the end of a period in history and we now need to put our heads together to write the next page, that of the building of an international community that is capable of combining unity and diversity at all levels, from the local to the global, that is capable of mastering and orienting the powerful forces of science and the market, that is capable of equipping itself with the rules, institutions, representations and methods that will ensure (...)

Go ! Isis de Palma: Drums for Peace, Drums for Everyone - 17 December 2003
An Alliance participant since 1996, the year in which she helped to found the Alliance São Paulo Group, Isis de Palma is a venturesome, cheerful, and dynamic person. She tells of her experience with the drums orchestra “Ilu Bogbo Ayie” (Drums for Everyone) in São Paulo and with the global network Drums for Peace. “Without peace there can be no democracy,” says Isis categorically. To call for peace and dialogue, and to build democracy together, this cooperative of “percussion makers” are with us (...)

Go ! FPH - Partners Dialogue for New Stage of Alliance - 11 December 2003
On October 14 to 16 and 20 to 22, the FPH organized two meetings with some of its former, present, and new partners in view of getting their reactions to the new FPH guidelines. The first meeting included some twenty representatives of Socioprofessional Networks (Fishworkers, Local Elected Officials, and Young People, for instance) and the second was attended by members of the Geocultural Groups from different regions of the world. The aim was to work jointly to define the new stage of the (...)

Go ! Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy (WSSE) Participates in European Social Forum - 11 December 2003 - by Françoise Wautiez
Tens of thousands attended the workshops, seminars and plenary session of the European Social Forum (ESF) held in four different venues in 0Paris and some of its suburbs. Along with other groups, the WSSE organized workshops and seminars on the transformation of the territory, women and the economy, socially responsible finance, social money, experiences in social economy, and local exchange systems. The ESF Coordination of socially responsible economy actors had decided to pool all joint (...)

Go ! Birth of a Coordination Committee for Alliance Participation at the WSF in Mumbai - 7 October 2003 - by John Samuel, Philippe Amouroux
In view of the Alliance’s participation at the WSF in Mumbai, the FPH backed a meeting of a group of Indian and Asian Allies from the 26th to the 28th of October in Bangkok. A Coordination Committee was set up at that meeting. The Committee will coordinate the Allies’ activities and reserve rooms in a well-located hotel so that Allies will be able to be as close as possible to each other and be able to use meeting rooms for their workshops and workgroups. A Communication Team will be set up (...)

Go ! Elements for Consideration and Proposals - 18 July 2003
This overall, and most certainly incomplete view allows us to draw some conclusions on the experience and the future of the Geocultural Branch of the Alliance. While we can observe some slowing down of the activities of the Allies in the different regions, due most probably to a lesser central presence of the FPH, we can note at the same time that groups of Allies have remained active and are seeking to regroup. These groups, these initiatives, are facilitated as much by former Allies (...)

Go ! Middle East - 18 July 2003
The first contacts with the Allies of this region date back to the Alliance meetings of 1993, but they were not followed up. Since 1998, a network of Allies has been constituted, mainly from Lebanon, thanks to the activities of the Cultural Council for South Lebanon. This network organized several meetings dedicated to questions of regional governance, the Arab World’s place in globalization, the conditions for building social and political peace, the sustainable management of water and (...)

Go ! Europe - 18 July 2003
To evaluate the progress of the Alliance in Europe, we can quote Betty Nguyen, who did a recent survey on the subject: “.. . . This experimentation of a European public debate . . . was pursued in the framework of the 2000-2001 Assembly process with the June 2001 European Continental Meeting in Peles. It is flagrant to note that the four themes identified for the meeting (democratic governance for Europe, work and social organization, rural world and sustainability, migrations and (...)

Go ! Asia - 18 July 2003
A prominent feature of the Alliance is that it is present in the two largest countries of the world: China and India. Moreover, it is significant that, beyond trade relations, the first milestones of a cross-cultural dialogue between these two countries have been placed in the past two years. For China, the February 2003 meeting in Beijing constituted the end of a stage initiated by our meeting with She Kou in June 1993 and the beginning of a new phase. The record of our preparation of (...)

Go ! Africa - 18 July 2003
A progress report on the Alliance in Africa requires, among others, that we make an evaluation of the African Caravan, which began in Cape Town, South Africa, in June 2000, and ended with the Continental Meeting of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania in June 2001. Our intention has been to make this evaluation jointly with David Gakunzi, who was the main facilitator of this initiative, but we have not been able to work with him so far. Although the Caravan reached the end of its journey, as planned, (...)

Go ! North America - 18 July 2003
The Alliance has clearly not shown great development in North America. Nonetheless, a number of Allies are facilitating a variety of activities in the region, among others, in the United States. We have backed two initiatives from Canada: the facilitation of a network of labor unions on a world level, presented by Alternatives (from Montreal) and a study on civil society and governance proposed by the Club of Athens (also based in Montreal). In the United States, we have backed initiatives (...)

Go ! Latin America - 18 July 2003 - by Gustavo Marin
We begin with Latin America because after the World Citizens Assembly in Lille in December 2001, the meeting of Allies of the South Cone in Rio de Janeiro in June 2002 was the first geocultural meeting held to envisage the future of the Alliance. It is important to underscore that this meeting was organized by the Allies of the South Cone as an independent initiative. It gathered roughly forty participants from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and several regions of Brazil, in (...)

Go ! Doomed to Hope - 18 March 2003 - by Nadia Leila Aïssaoui
This is the presentation made by Nadia Aïssaoui, an Algerian living in Lebanon, during the controversial debate of the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre last January on the question: Against the wars of the 21st century, How can peace be created between peoples?

Go ! After Porto Alegre… - 18 February 2003 - by Gustavo Marin
Many Workshop facilitators of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World have participated in the World Social Forum since its first opening in 2001 in Porto Alegre. Insofar as the central idea of the WSF is to open places for dialogue, the elaboration of proposals, debates, and for the reinforcement of alliances and strategies, but as there is no attempt to draw up a common position for the entire assembly, the Alliance Workshops have in the WSF a privileged field to (...)


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