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Go ! From the World Social Forum: Putting Finance in Its Place - 2 March 2009
For a new economic and social model Let’s put finance in its place! The financial crisis is a systemic crisis that emerges in the context of global crises (climate, food, energy, social…) and of a new balance of power. It results from 30 years of transfer of income from labor towards capital. This trend should be reversed. This crisis is the consequence of a capitalist system of production based on laissez-faire and fed by short term accumulation of profits by a minority, unequal (...)

Go ! Forum for a new World Governance - 27 May 2008 - by Gustavo Marin, Marina Urquidi
Each passing day increases the feeling dramatically that a system of world governance is vitally needed, which respects all human beings, all that is living, and the planet as a whole. This has to happen before the application of the free-market myth (some call it “the free fox in the free chicken coop”) ends up destroying any perspective for the survival of our world… including the human species. To act, we have to think, we have to make viable, applicable proposals, now. More than ever, we (...)

Go ! 208.5 Tons: That’s How Much Peace Can Weigh! - 15 November 2007 - by Richard Pétris
After September 11, 2001, the School of Peace coordinated, in the framework of the Alliance, an international and multilingual e-debate around the theme "Building Peace: Understanding First, So We Can Act". The debate lasted six months and involved more than 150 participants from 48 different countries, all ages and from all walks of life. The results of the debate are still completely relevant, and we encourage you to take a look at them! This year, the School of Peace is 10 years old. Its (...)

Go ! Major Youth Festival in the Philippines to be Celebrated in May 2008 - 10 September 2007 - by Pinky CUPINO
How do young people become aware of their responsibilities to the planet and to humankind, in other words, to their own future? How do they exercise those responsibilities? The Philippine Facilitation Team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities has a few answers to these important questions, and is applying the means to materializing them. A report by Pinky Cupino. Y Acts! Youth Festival 2008! was launched by the Philippine Facilitation Team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities last (...)

Go ! Do You Want to Be a Part of Making Another World Possible? - 8 February 2007 - by Marti Olivella
A project aimed at the younger generations, to take one more step along the way toward the future that we wish for ... For almost 30 years, part of the current team of Nova - Centro por la Innovación Social have been putting our chips on promoting socially innovating proposals, projects and models to facilitate the construction of alternatives to the current rules of the game for social, political and economic organization; rules of the game that are increasingly breaking down the world (...)

Go ! Thirty years of Habitat I: no more neoliberal model of cities! - 24 June 2006
It is possible to build new cities thanks to a new urban social pact centered on the citizens. The failure of the neoliberal model of cities.

Go ! Proposal for Street Dialogues around the World, in Parallel to the WSF 2005 - 25 November 2004 - by Hamilton Faria, Isis de Palma
Hello, friends of the Alliance, We invite all Allies and friends who are not going to the WSF 2005 to also organize [“street conversations.” >] Great idea “The planned cross-Terrain ’ street conversation’ activity" has inspired those who are not going to Porto Alegre. The idea is to plan street dialogues at the same time in several other places of the world, in connection with the Porto Alegre dialogues, through the Internet. It is (...)

Go ! Eco Friends’s Battle of the Ganga - 22 November 2004 - by Agnès Saule, Laure de Rotalier
Despite the very high level of pollution of the river Ganga, it continues to attract polluting industries. An astonishing paradox, that of the relationship of Hindus with their holy rivers. No matter how venerated, they are also godforsakenly polluted! The Ganga is no exception to the rule. Although flowing in the cradle region of the Hindu religion, so many myths of which it has inspired, its pollution there is as dramatic, or even more dramatic than elsewhere. “People come from all of (...)

Go ! News from the International Alliance of Inhabitants - 19 June 2004 - by Cesare Ottolini
The International Alliance of inhabitants is preparing, after the World Social Forum 2004, the following activities : Zero Evictions! Specially the campaign Viva Nairobi Viva! In coordination with local associations. This campaign has been successful in blocking the eviction of some 354.000 inhabitants of the Nairobi slums. Social production of habitat: This campaign wants to promote the defeat of public and social housing shortage, prioritising the use of territorial, social, cultural, (...)

Go ! Isis de Palma: Drums for Peace, Drums for Everyone - 17 December 2003
An Alliance participant since 1996, the year in which she helped to found the Alliance São Paulo Group, Isis de Palma is a venturesome, cheerful, and dynamic person. She tells of her experience with the drums orchestra “Ilu Bogbo Ayie” (Drums for Everyone) in São Paulo and with the global network Drums for Peace. “Without peace there can be no democracy,” says Isis categorically. To call for peace and dialogue, and to build democracy together, this cooperative of “percussion makers” are with us (...)

Go ! Forum for the Cross-evaluation of the Proposals for a Responsible, United and Plural World - 20 October 2002
In the course of the last 4 years, dozens of groups that are part of the Alliance for a Responsible, United and Plural World have put together some 60 Proposal Papers and Breakthroughs that were presented at the World Citizens Assembly (Lille, December 2001) and are currently being published and distributed in a number of languages (French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese).

Go ! Background and preparation - 17 April 2002 - by Gustavo Marin, Karine Goasmat, Robert David
This journey, which took place from April 10 to 14, 2002, was prepared from one day to the next. It was the response to a call launched by the Brazilian Organizing Committee of the World Social Forum (WSF) to join a Brazilian delegation of parliamentarians and members of Brazilian organizations active in the WSF, which was getting ready to go to Palestine. The call was sent to approximately one hundred members of the WSF International Council on April 4. The next day, two member (...)

Go ! Chronicle of the meetings - 17 April 2002 - by Gustavo Marin, Karine Goasmat, Robert David
The following description is not complete. We are eager, however, to inform you of what we were able to do in such little time. Several civil-society organizations in Palestine and also in Israel are especially active at the moment. We would like to stress that without their presence we would not have been able to do anything much. In Jerusalem, which lies just 15 km away from Ramallah, it is possible to talk to people and to circulate without any major problems. We should nonetheless not (...)

Go ! Proposals for further action - 16 April 2002 - by Gustavo Marin, Karine Goasmat, Robert David
The least one can say is that the crisis opened by the Israeli army intervention in Ramallah and other Palestinian cities on March 29, 2002 will be long-lasting and treacherous. After the second and last meeting of Colin Powell with Yasser Arafat on Wednesday, April 17, we were able to see that diplomacy is powerless. Neither the government of George W. Bush, nor the European Union, nor the Princes and leaders of the Arab States, nor the United Nations have been able to get the Israeli (...)



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