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From the Alliance to “oeconomia”
- 28 December 2009 - by Pierre Calame
The work of the Alliance, the findings of the World Citizens Assembly, and the Agenda for the Twenty-first Century that came out of it are my main sources of inspiration. The Agenda for the Twenty-first Century staked out three imperatives: to make the Charter of Human Responsibilities the third pillar of the international community; to start, from the local to the global, a revolution of governance to make the management of our societies respond to the needs of the twenty-first century; to (...)

Go ! Allies Speaking
Could It Be Too Late?
- 11 August 2009 - by Philippe Robichon
An early Ally, Philippe Robichon speaks out, or rather, cries out! Greetings to all! I am still involved in defending the environment. But I now believe it is too late. We should have hit the brakes 30 years ago and most of all have designated the guilty more clearly: nothing has stopped "ultra" liberalism in its thirst for money, in its voracity to destroy the wealth of the globe and to rob the poor countries. At 82, I am becoming violent: I dream of revolution! Here too, it is too late: (...)

Go ! {Allies Speaking}: From the Alliance to Cooperativism, the Democratization of Democracy, and Research on the Role of Women - 2 September 2008 - by José Hipólito dos Santos
A truly early Ally— ever since 1993— José Hipólito dos Santos has sent us a few of his thoughts from Oeiras, Portugal and tells us a little about the paths he has taken since that time. It is with pleasure that I received your letter-editorial of 26.1.08. It has been a long time since I had the opportunity to contact you. I remain very attached to the Alliance Charter, which constitutes an essential basis for my thinking and action, as well as to its working methods, which I liked very much. (...)



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