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Major Youth Festival in the Philippines to be Celebrated in May 2008

How do young people become aware of their responsibilities to the planet and to humankind, in other words, to their own future? How do they exercise those responsibilities? The Philippine Facilitation Team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities has a few answers to these important questions, and is applying the means to materializing them. A report by Pinky Cupino.

Y Acts! Youth Festival 2008! was launched by the Philippine Facilitation Team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities last June 26, 2007 at the College of Social Work and Community Development of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. The theme of this year’s festival is “Celebrating Responsibilities Initiated by the Filipino Youth!”

This Festival is an advance from the 1st Youth Festival 2006, which had the theme, “Weaving Responsibilities to Face the Challenges of the Times.” Held last December 1-3, 2006 at Kaytikling, Taytay, the event was attended by 79 young people from all over the Philippines aged 14 to 27, most of whom were from underprivileged sectors of society. Sub-themes included environment, peace, human rights, identity, gender, and education. The formulation of a Youth Covenant on Responsibilities culminated the three-day event.

The general objective of Y Acts! Youth Festival 2008! is to encourage young people to engage in responsible activities for the betterment of their community, society, and our environment. The specific objectives are:

1. to recognize initiatives undertaken by youth organizations in exercising responsibilities for the common good;
2. to develop the leadership capacities of the youth through inter-cultural exchange and discussions on important issues affecting young people;
3. to promote the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the Youth Covenant on Responsibilities;
4. to develop a network of young people actively sharing with each other and learning from each other not only during the course of the Festival but also after.

The Youth Festival 2008, to be held in May 2008 in Baguio City, shall showcase best practices among youth programs that demonstrate how young people exercise responsibilities for the environment, to promote peace and rights, defining and upholding identity, gender, and culture, and advocating education for all. Aside from the exhibit, the festival shall feature sharing and discussion sessions, cultural exchanges, and leadership and team-building activities. It will culminate in a concert for the young people.

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