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Go ! Somewhere on the Planet
US Social Forum Held in Detroit
- 30 September 2010 - by Yvon Poirier
This past June 2010, the US Social Forum brought 15,000 activists into the country’s automotive-industry capital, in crisis. Yvon Poirier reports that although interesting, proposals for alternative models was not the major concern for most participants. Last June, about 15,000 activists gathered in Detroit for the second US Social Forum. This represented a 50% increase in participants compared with the first edition that was held in June 2007. The deepening economic crisis in the U.S. no (...)

Go ! A People, United, Will Never Be Defeated! - 28 June 2008 - by Gustavo Marin
Some thoughts on the new trans-border citizenship being generated by migrants. The recent World Social Forum on Migrations was electrified by an unexpected event: for the first time, two major groups of migrants from Latin America and North Africa met and realized that they had the same goals. The Mediterranean and the Mexico-USA border both lie across the path of the great migratory flows of the twenty-first century. Spurred by many and varied difficult situations, people have (...)

Go ! What’s Missing from the Climate Talks? Justice! - 14 December 2007 - by Focus on the Global South
Radical, global change is not only needed, it is the condition for the survival of the human race. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the climate issue, which itself involves just about every aspect of our lives on planet Earth: governance, socioeconomics, ethics, and our collective and individual responsibilities. Focus on the Global South, whose Web site is referred to by the Global Governance Workgroup published this article after the UN Climate Summit that was held in Bali last (...)

Go ! Thirty years of Habitat I: no more neoliberal model of cities! - 24 June 2006
It is possible to build new cities thanks to a new urban social pact centered on the citizens. The failure of the neoliberal model of cities.

Go ! Reforming the United Nations Organization and Redefining Global Governance - 25 March 2005 - by Gustavo Marin
Report of the meeting on the reform of the U.N. with the U.N. Secretariat on March 3, 2005 Following the annual Bridge Initiative conference organized in Paris in December 2004 at the FPH and at UNESCO, we contributed to implementing a discussion process between civil-society organizations and multilateral-institution officers in the framework of the reform of the U.N. that will be discussed at the U.N. General Assembly in September 2005. Several Dialogue and Controversy Tables had been (...)

Go ! Main Points for the Discussion with the United Nations Secretariat - 24 March 2005 - by Gustavo Marin, Pierre Calame
This document was presented at the meeting organized by the Bridge Initiative and the UN Secretariat in New York on March 3, 2005 1. The United Nations Secretariat is facing a historic opportunity. The document it is to send to the Heads of State in view of the September 2005 General Assembly cannot amount simply to a compilation of recommendations for reforming the system designed in the wake of World War II. The reform should not be merely institutional, limited to the reorganization of (...)

Go ! Eco Friends’s Battle of the Ganga - 22 November 2004 - by Agnès Saule, Laure de Rotalier
Despite the very high level of pollution of the river Ganga, it continues to attract polluting industries. An astonishing paradox, that of the relationship of Hindus with their holy rivers. No matter how venerated, they are also godforsakenly polluted! The Ganga is no exception to the rule. Although flowing in the cradle region of the Hindu religion, so many myths of which it has inspired, its pollution there is as dramatic, or even more dramatic than elsewhere. “People come from all of (...)

Go ! Some Day, We Will Dismantle the Wall. Some Day, We Will Open the Big Avenues Again - 22 September 2004 - by Christophe Aguiton, Etienne Galliand, Francisco Whitaker, Gustavo Marin, Luis Lopezllera Méndez, Michel Sauquet, Susan George, Véronique Rioufol
Some day, we will dismantle the wall. Some day, we will open the big avenues again. Speech by Gustavo Marin at the opening of the Moroccan Social Forum , which took place on July 27 to 29, 2004 in Rabat. Some day, we will dismantle the wall. Some day, we will open the big avenues again. At the Dawning of the Twenty-first Century, a New Event: the First World Social Forum in Porto Alegre The twenty-first century opened with a historic event. In January of its first year, the first World (...)

Go ! WSF 2005 Will Be an Alternative Global Village - 6 September 2004 - by Christophe Aguiton, Etienne Galliand, Francisco Whitaker, Luis Lopezllera Méndez, Michel Sauquet, Nicolas Haeringer, Susan George, Véronique Rioufol
Dear friends, Following the meeting of Quito, the Commissions on Content and Methodology of the International Committee of the World Social Forum met again in Sao Paolo on August 23 and 24, in presence of other members of the International Committee. This meeting had several objectives: to define the format of the forum, using the results of the consultation, in which more than 1800 organizations took part; to think about the functioning of the articulation groups (agglutinating groups) (...)

Go ! The World Social Forum Process after Mumbai - 17 June 2004 - by Pierre William Johnson
Since 2001, the World Social Forum offers a unique platform for the expression of groups and networks active in the fight against or in concrete alternatives to neoliberal globalization. The Forum has emerged as a new type of event, which respects diversity under certain principles including non-violence and the absence of political groups. Social forums, as opposed to official conferences, don’t aim to reach consensus on a general declaration, or on an action plan. They are best (...)

Go ! The challenge of moving ahead towards a new phase - 31 January 2004 - by Gustavo Marin
Advances and tensions of the alternative world movement. Attempts to make the WSF genuinely global and develop it beyond its Brazilian roots have proved successful, since the quest to create truly global resistance and formulate alternative paths to capitalist globalisation aims at strengthening the combat of every actor, whether from the North, South, East or West. After Mumbai, Porto Alegre is even stronger. Thanks to the tenacity of the Indian organisers and above all to the strong (...)

Go ! What’s New ? 2003 November - 15 November 2003
Welcome to the newsletter of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World. This letter, if you received it by regular mail, or this message, if you are sitting in front of your screen, is providing you with the first news of the Alliance in its new stage; henceforth, you will be receiving it once a month in English, French, or Spanish. We are offering here the latest Alliance news, as well as that of many other actors around the world, so that in our quest for a fairer, more (...)

Go ! Cancún: Blocking the Neoliberal Plan and a New Opportunity to Advance Alternatives - 6 October 2003 - by Germà Pelayo
In the course of this past decade, the farmers in the countries of the South have been impoverished dramatically as a result of the liberalization of the world economy. The rich countries subsidize their agricultural products then market them broadly and cheaply in the countries of the South. The result of this agricultural dumping is that millions of small-scale farmers cannot sell what they produce, which condemns them to poverty and emigration. The WTO set up a meeting in Cancún from (...)

Go ! Doomed to Hope - 18 March 2003 - by Nadia Leila Aïssaoui
This is the presentation made by Nadia Aïssaoui, an Algerian living in Lebanon, during the controversial debate of the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre last January on the question: Against the wars of the 21st century, How can peace be created between peoples?

Go ! A View on the Argentine Crisis - 18 May 2002 - by Laura Maffei
For the past few months, different images of the Argentine crisis have been displayed on television, printed in newspapers, and disseminated by information agencies all over the world, showing the failure of a model pushed by the international credit agencies, whose best and most diligent student was Argentina.

Go ! Background and preparation - 17 April 2002 - by Gustavo Marin, Karine Goasmat, Robert David
This journey, which took place from April 10 to 14, 2002, was prepared from one day to the next. It was the response to a call launched by the Brazilian Organizing Committee of the World Social Forum (WSF) to join a Brazilian delegation of parliamentarians and members of Brazilian organizations active in the WSF, which was getting ready to go to Palestine. The call was sent to approximately one hundred members of the WSF International Council on April 4. The next day, two member (...)

Go ! Proposals for further action - 16 April 2002 - by Gustavo Marin, Karine Goasmat, Robert David
The least one can say is that the crisis opened by the Israeli army intervention in Ramallah and other Palestinian cities on March 29, 2002 will be long-lasting and treacherous. After the second and last meeting of Colin Powell with Yasser Arafat on Wednesday, April 17, we were able to see that diplomacy is powerless. Neither the government of George W. Bush, nor the European Union, nor the Princes and leaders of the Arab States, nor the United Nations have been able to get the Israeli (...)

Go ! The Alliance after september 11, 2001 - 1 October 2001
After the tragic bombings of September 11th in NewYork, this text written in 1993 seems more present than ever. Yet these bombings shouldn’t make us forget that our world is a world where every day children and adults die of hunger or curable diseases, innocent populations are victims of fanaticisms and conflicts of all kind, where gaps of wealth challenge the human entendement. These events are not the attack of a civilization against another one. Today, wether one wants it or not, the destinies of our societies are inextricably bound together. "Our world is both one and infinitely (...)



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