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The Right to Cultural Self-management
- 25 October 2010 - by Jorge Eduardo Padula Perkins
Culture, in its many manifestations, plays a leading social, political, and economic role. How, then, can cultural hegemony be avoided? The author of this article argues that we should demand that cultural policy should above all provide people with tools that will allow them to generate and manage their own cultural expression. We are currently experiencing a social, political, legal, and economic revaluation of culture, which is thereby playing an increasingly leading role, as much from (...)

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A Somewhat More Reasonable World
- 5 October 2010 - by Pierre-Marie Guillon
The author of this contribution proposes nothing less than doing away with the French army, from which we can easily extrapolate the idea of doing away with all armies. A bit provocative, right? If you think that this is worth a mini debate, feel free to state your opinion on this article in the “alliance” forum! Men like peace. Pacifist movements should therefore attract crowds of people. Yet this is not the case, and by far: a pacifist march will gather ten thousand times fewer people than (...)

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The Story of « Cap and Trade » (L’histoire du marché des permis d’émission de CO2)
- 1 December 2009
Avec Copenhague qui arrive, Annie Leonard (The Story of Stuff) vient de produire ce nouveau film « pour débutants » sur le projet de limiter et de commercialiser les permis d’émission de CO2. Une analyse de 10 minutes, utile et intéressante, sur ce qui est sur la table des négociations afin de nous distraire des vrais problèmes qu’affronte aujourd’hui la planète. Ce film n’existe pour le moment qu’en anglais. The Story of Stuff, un film de 20 minutes qui explique le système de production des « choses » (...)

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The Story of "Cap and Trade"
- 1 December 2009
With Copenhagen coming up, Annie Leonard (The Story of Stuff) has produced this new "for beginners" film on the plan to limit and trade carbon-emission permits. A useful and interesting 10-minute take on what is being planned in order to distract us from the real problems the planet is facing.

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Monsanto Commits to Increasing Profits
- 10 June 2009 - by Vicent Boix
In the current global crisis, also suffering, of course, are those producing one of the elements that are essential—along with breathable air and drinkable water—to the survival of humankind: food. Vicent Boix offers us an analysis of one of the ways in which food production, and producers, are being increasingly asphyxiated, a way explicitly planned by the agrochemicals manufacturer Monsanto. When the global economic crisis broke out in 2008, agriculture had already been suffering (...)



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