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Children Write Charters Too!

The earlier in life awareness begins to rise - on individual and collective responsibility, in particular - the more chances humankind will have to succeed in making the necessary transformations for its own survival in harmony with the survival of the planet! The Indian team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities facilitated an experience between young Filipinos and Indians, an example for similar ideas everywhere. Cultural exchange between young Filipinos and young Indians…

From April 28 to May 4, 2007, the four winners of the final contest of the Wizkids event – Anupama Kumar, Kislay Kishan, Deepika Easwaran and Mani Sudhir Selvaraj, who are between 10 and 18 years old – went to the Philippines along with the organizers of The Activity – Syed Sultan Ahmed, Naina Suresh and Jamakhandimath – and three members of the Indian Charter Facilitation Team: Sudha Reddy, Anugraha John, and Deepa Alige Guru. The prize of the final contest was indeed a trip to the Philippines hosted by the Charter Facilitation Team in the Philippines.

The Charter of Human Responsibilities won an academic contest

The Activity has partnered with the Indian Charter Facilitation Team in the project and adopted the Charter of Human Responsibilities as a foundation of the academic contest. In the final selection process, the 50 finalists were asked to reflect on the Charter, and the result was an Indian Children’s Charter.

A serious… and enthusiastic journey

The program of the trip was organized by the Philippine Charter Team. It included:

- a trip to an indigenous community of the Aetas in Zambales (Aetas were the first group of people to migrate to the Philippines during the time of the land bridges across Asia),
- visits to urban poor community organizations,
- a visit to the picturesque Tagaytay mountains overlooking a lake and volcano,
- discussions about the Philippine situation, cultural exchange with students,
- radio interviews,
- a visit to the old Spanish fort city of Intramuros in the heart of Manila.
Members of the Philippine Charter Team Aleli Bawagan, Flora Santos, Merlyn Martinez, Cowa Gratuito, Marilou Cerilla and Pinky Cupino prepared a Welcome Dinner and Program wherein Indian and Philippine cuisine was served and where cultural presentations could be shown to kick off the Philippines-India Cultural Exchange.

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Themes involved


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