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Go ! Fair Trade: The Coffee Route from the Yungas to Brittany - 1 October 2010 - by Tugdual Ruellan
Many consumers, when seeing the prices for, for example, “fair-trade coffee,” are skeptical about the reality of “improved conditions for the producers” in this trade. Here, therefore, is a book, for the curious and the skeptics, that gives us a detailed experience of what fair trade actually amounts to. The adventure begins in 1993 when three Bretons rush, against all odds, into the fair-trade route: Guy Durand, then president of Max Havelaar France, Olivier Bernadas, coffee merchant, founder (...)

Go ! Seeking Partners
Invitation to Join the World Parliament Experiment
- 31 December 2009
In October 2003, the Alliance World Parliament Workgroup produced a few proposals at the end of a year-long international Internet-based debate. Less than four years later, a World Parliament Experiment was implemented in Norway, and since then, has pursued its development through face-to-face and online sessions, with several of these planned in 2010. Following is a message from the World Parliament Experiment Team. We believe that another world is possible. But what does this new world (...)

Go ! {Allies Speaking}: From the Alliance to Cooperativism, the Democratization of Democracy, and Research on the Role of Women - 2 September 2008 - by José Hipólito dos Santos
A truly early Ally— ever since 1993— José Hipólito dos Santos has sent us a few of his thoughts from Oeiras, Portugal and tells us a little about the paths he has taken since that time. It is with pleasure that I received your letter-editorial of 26.1.08. It has been a long time since I had the opportunity to contact you. I remain very attached to the Alliance Charter, which constitutes an essential basis for my thinking and action, as well as to its working methods, which I liked very much. (...)

Go ! A New Data Base for Global Citizenship - 5 June 2007
In order to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, new forms of citizen participation are developing. What is at stake is also the ability to consider the complexity of global problems using innovative approaches and methods of exchange, enhancement, analysis and popularization of information in order to reinforce citizen initiatives that contribute to building global democracy. In today’s world of Internet communication, the challenge of democracy is less that of gaining access to (...)

Go ! Children Write Charters Too! - 15 May 2007
The earlier in life awareness begins to rise - on individual and collective responsibility, in particular - the more chances humankind will have to succeed in making the necessary transformations for its own survival in harmony with the survival of the planet! The Indian team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities facilitated an experience between young Filipinos and Indians, an example for similar ideas everywhere. Cultural exchange between young Filipinos and young Indians… From April (...)

Go ! Differently Is Not Only Possible, but Real! - 4 April 2007
The Asian Forum for Solidarity Economy, scheduled in Manila from October 17 to 20 this year, will underscore the growing reality of an economic framework that is compatible with the survival of the human race and of the planet. It is the truly vibrant initiative of solidarity and cooperation taken by an increasing number of organizations seeking to place human beings and social relationships back at the core of economic activities. The themes that will be discussed during the forum are: (...)

Go ! Development of the Citizens’ Earth - 14 June 2006
Citizens’ Earth - APM is a global network dynamics creator of new organizations, capable of international initiatives, and producer of about ten Proposal Papers on a global level on themes connected to agriculture, fishing, food, and the management of natural resources. It is a network that is adapting, and recomposing its form of operation and of governance. This memo presents in a summarized way the history of the development of the Citizens’ Earth - APM Network and its situation in May (...)

Go ! Diálogos da rua (Street Dialogues) - 12 January 2006 - by Isis de Palma
It will not be through the Internet that we will recover direct democracy, the Greek “agora” that has been forgotten in the archive under papers stacked up by the techno-magicians of modern times. Those of us who have spent considerable time on Internet-based dialogs have learned that they are terribly limited in light of our social ambitions... In the street is where we can recover everyone’s voices, self-confidence, and trust in one another: the foundation of a responsible society, for (...)

Go ! Sharing Art As an Alternative to Merchandizing - 26 October 2004 - by Bianca dos Santos, Hamilton Faria, Marilena Chauí, Michel Sauquet, Olivier Petitjean, Pedro Garcia, Philippe Axel
Hello, I am Philippe Axel, French author, composer, and performer. I am a "Web artist." On my Web site at, I advocate the creation of an international virtual community of musicians with the possibility for each of them to register his or her work for free in mp3 format. A community with a humanist vocation that would be able to give birth, through music, to an embryo of international brotherhood. I also propose to associate with the files that are registered, a (...)

Go ! Success of the WSF Consultation - 6 September 2004 - by Christophe Aguiton, Etienne Galliand, Francisco Whitaker, Luis Lopezllera Méndez, Michel Sauquet, Nicolas Haeringer, Susan George, Véronique Rioufol
Dear all, The consultancy process that the International Committee decided to launch as part of the 2005 World Social Forum preparations, due to end on 31 July, has met with an even bigger success than expected. Over 1,000 organisations have taken part in the process, a positive effect of the fact that we all consider the Forum as an open and participative process and not simply as an event. Faced with the evident interest in the consultancy process, it is vital that we respect the (...)

Go ! Isis de Palma: Drums for Peace, Drums for Everyone - 17 December 2003
An Alliance participant since 1996, the year in which she helped to found the Alliance São Paulo Group, Isis de Palma is a venturesome, cheerful, and dynamic person. She tells of her experience with the drums orchestra “Ilu Bogbo Ayie” (Drums for Everyone) in São Paulo and with the global network Drums for Peace. “Without peace there can be no democracy,” says Isis categorically. To call for peace and dialogue, and to build democracy together, this cooperative of “percussion makers” are with us (...)

Go ! Thirty Proposals for Another World to Be Possible - 12 December 2003
This paper is the summary of a debate on the Proposal Papers of the Alliance. It is a significant contribution to the collective development of a Citizen Action Program for the Twenty-first Century. The proposals are organized into ten chapters: 1. Preparation of a New Theoretical Paradigm 2. Constructing World Governance 3. Promoting Globally Sustainable Development 4. Global Solution to the Problem of Foreign Debt 5. Fair Trade Development 6. Developing and Defending Culture as a (...)

Go ! A View on the Argentine Crisis - 18 May 2002 - by Laura Maffei
For the past few months, different images of the Argentine crisis have been displayed on television, printed in newspapers, and disseminated by information agencies all over the world, showing the failure of a model pushed by the international credit agencies, whose best and most diligent student was Argentina.

Go ! Experience Reports on Migrants - 20 March 2002

Go ! The Coexistence Index - 1 January 2002
The Coexistence Index (CI) is an instrument to measure levels of coexistence within a community, a society, or a country, and serves as a basis for comparison along with other social, political, and economic indices such as the GNP, or illiteracy and poverty indices. The point is to contribute to including tolerance and communication factors within a community as fundamental elements to determine its social health and plan suitable policies, as well as intervention by the proper actors to (...)



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