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Invitation to Join the World Parliament Experiment
- 31 December 2009
In October 2003, the Alliance World Parliament Workgroup produced a few proposals at the end of a year-long international Internet-based debate. Less than four years later, a World Parliament Experiment was implemented in Norway, and since then, has pursued its development through face-to-face and online sessions, with several of these planned in 2010. Following is a message from the World Parliament Experiment Team. We believe that another world is possible. But what does this new world (...)

Go ! Seeking Partners
Invitation to Broaden Worldwide Alliances
- 25 March 2009 - by Camilla Burg
As the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World moves progressively toward less financial support and greater autonomy of its members, we have received this invitation to connect with another worldwide network and open a discussion on synergy possibilities. All interested persons, please read! As we move along in a year full of promise and new hope, I have come to realize that it is even more important that we all work together to address the problems facing our world today. I (...)



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