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Go ! A Take on ...
A Somewhat More Reasonable World
- 5 October 2010 - by Pierre-Marie Guillon
The author of this contribution proposes nothing less than doing away with the French army, from which we can easily extrapolate the idea of doing away with all armies. A bit provocative, right? If you think that this is worth a mini debate, feel free to state your opinion on this article in the “alliance” forum! Men like peace. Pacifist movements should therefore attract crowds of people. Yet this is not the case, and by far: a pacifist march will gather ten thousand times fewer people than (...)

Go ! A Take on …
Social Platform Asks That Migrants Have Human Rights Respected
- 30 September 2010 - by Natasha Pitts
Plataforma Social Migratoria Hermes asks that migrants be guaranteed security, equal opportunities, participation, and well-being. The 4th World Social Forum on Migration is approaching. The event, to be held from October 8 to 10 in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, motivated Plataforma Social Migratoria Hermes to publish its thinking and to place demands reflecting the need to treat the migrant population from Colombia and also from other countries as citizens with rights, no matter what (...)

Go ! Allies Speaking
From the Alliance to “oeconomia”
- 28 December 2009 - by Pierre Calame
The work of the Alliance, the findings of the World Citizens Assembly, and the Agenda for the Twenty-first Century that came out of it are my main sources of inspiration. The Agenda for the Twenty-first Century staked out three imperatives: to make the Charter of Human Responsibilities the third pillar of the international community; to start, from the local to the global, a revolution of governance to make the management of our societies respond to the needs of the twenty-first century; to (...)

Go ! A Take on …
The Story of "Cap and Trade"
- 1 December 2009
With Copenhagen coming up, Annie Leonard (The Story of Stuff) has produced this new "for beginners" film on the plan to limit and trade carbon-emission permits. A useful and interesting 10-minute take on what is being planned in order to distract us from the real problems the planet is facing.

Go ! The Second China-Europa Forum Inspired from the Alliance Methodology - 12 November 2007 - by Pierre Calame
The second China-Europa Forum was held last October in 23 European cities of 7 different countries. Pierre Calame, General Manager of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH) tells us here how the forum started out from the major findings of the World Citizens Assembly of Lille: the need to build a global community and no longer rely on state-to-state relations. The entire conception of the forum was derived from Alliance learning: the idea of combining (...)

Go ! A New Data Base for Global Citizenship - 5 June 2007
In order to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, new forms of citizen participation are developing. What is at stake is also the ability to consider the complexity of global problems using innovative approaches and methods of exchange, enhancement, analysis and popularization of information in order to reinforce citizen initiatives that contribute to building global democracy. In today’s world of Internet communication, the challenge of democracy is less that of gaining access to (...)

Go ! Migration, the Media, and Responsibility in Chile - 20 February 2007 - by Ricardo Jiménez
We have recently seen a television program on Chile’s national television channel, on the subject of immigration. In substance, it suggested that failing the approval of an “Immigration Law,” immigrants could bring about a explosion of social protest similar to those played out in France and other European countries these past few years. The traumatic images of the violence of those events and of others of the Chilean past were mixed with short interjections by authorities and people (...)

Go ! Dignity at the Heart of Thinking on the Foundations of the World in Construction - 2 February 2007
What is dignity and how is it part of basic values, but also of our thinking on political, economic and… therapeutic projects for the world we have gathered together to build? A book with a few answers. La Dignité : Les debouts de l’utopie (Dignity, the stand-ups of Utopia) is the title chosen by Bernard Doray for his most recent book, and for him, dignity refers to the places of the psyche and of culture through which women and men affirm that they belong to the human world. Bernard Doray (...)

Go ! The Economy for the Third Millennium Will Be Spiritual or There Will Be No Economy! - 24 May 2006 - by Philippe Amouroux
Here is the last text written by Philippe Amouroux before he left this world. I believe that it represents his eco-spiritual testament. I am proud and happy to share it with you. Marcos Arruda. In the face of an economic globalization that is leading us straight into the jaws of disaster, the moment has come to ask ourselves what it is that the economy represents from the spiritual point of view. In examining this question we will discover that new forms of economy are emerging, forms that (...)

Go ! WSF 2007 in Africa: The Last WSF or the First of a New Stage? - 15 April 2006 - by Gustavo Marin
The World Social Forum 2007 will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from January 20 to 25, 2007. (The Davos Forum will take place from January 24 to 28.) A Kenyan Organization Committee has been set up. It will be supported by an East African Committee. The Conference Center in Nairobi has already been reserved. The surrounding park and the nearby university are also available. All of the Forum venues will be located right in the center of Nairobi in territorial continuity. The WSF 2007 in Nairobi (...)

Go ! To Whom Does the City Belong? On the Right to the City - 29 June 2005 - by Fany Gashugi, Michel Ansay, Sarah Deutsch
"To whom does the city belong? Whose is the city?" wondered the Heinrich Böll Foundation in a long memorandum preliminary to the Johannesburg Summit in 2002. "The city, for whom and by whom?" wondered the UNESCO along similar lines in preparation for Habitat II in 1996. We would like to start from there, from "the right to the city". What is it about, in the North and in the South? This will be the basic question in this paper, which will move between the cities of the North and the cities (...)

Go ! Sharing Art As an Alternative to Merchandizing - 26 October 2004 - by Bianca dos Santos, Hamilton Faria, Marilena Chauí, Michel Sauquet, Olivier Petitjean, Pedro Garcia, Philippe Axel
Hello, I am Philippe Axel, French author, composer, and performer. I am a "Web artist." On my Web site at, I advocate the creation of an international virtual community of musicians with the possibility for each of them to register his or her work for free in mp3 format. A community with a humanist vocation that would be able to give birth, through music, to an embryo of international brotherhood. I also propose to associate with the files that are registered, a (...)

Go ! Some Day, We Will Dismantle the Wall. Some Day, We Will Open the Big Avenues Again - 22 September 2004 - by Christophe Aguiton, Etienne Galliand, Francisco Whitaker, Gustavo Marin, Luis Lopezllera Méndez, Michel Sauquet, Susan George, Véronique Rioufol
Some day, we will dismantle the wall. Some day, we will open the big avenues again. Speech by Gustavo Marin at the opening of the Moroccan Social Forum , which took place on July 27 to 29, 2004 in Rabat. Some day, we will dismantle the wall. Some day, we will open the big avenues again. At the Dawning of the Twenty-first Century, a New Event: the First World Social Forum in Porto Alegre The twenty-first century opened with a historic event. In January of its first year, the first World (...)

Go ! Results of the Forum on the World Parliament. - 13 July 2004 - by Arnaud Blin, Germà Pelayo, Gustavo Marin, Pierre Calame
The results of the first phase of discussion of the electronic forum “A World Parliament for the 21st Century” (October 2002 - January 2003) are now available in English and have been for some time also in French What are the values and principles for building a world community? What is the role of each of the international institutions in the map of global governance? How can we imagine a body that is able to represent and to combine, democratically, the complexity of the human family? How (...)

Go ! The World Social Forum Process after Mumbai - 17 June 2004 - by Pierre William Johnson
Since 2001, the World Social Forum offers a unique platform for the expression of groups and networks active in the fight against or in concrete alternatives to neoliberal globalization. The Forum has emerged as a new type of event, which respects diversity under certain principles including non-violence and the absence of political groups. Social forums, as opposed to official conferences, don’t aim to reach consensus on a general declaration, or on an action plan. They are best (...)

Go ! The challenge of moving ahead towards a new phase - 31 January 2004 - by Gustavo Marin
Advances and tensions of the alternative world movement. Attempts to make the WSF genuinely global and develop it beyond its Brazilian roots have proved successful, since the quest to create truly global resistance and formulate alternative paths to capitalist globalisation aims at strengthening the combat of every actor, whether from the North, South, East or West. After Mumbai, Porto Alegre is even stronger. Thanks to the tenacity of the Indian organisers and above all to the strong (...)

Go ! A Call to Renew the Foundation of the Alliance - 19 December 2003
Whereas the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall foretold of a new organization of the world, founded on international multilateralism based on law and democracy, we have been plunged into a completely different scenario. That of the undivided rule of the American Empire over the rest of the world. Neoliberal globalization is spreading its tentacles out unceasingly, reaching every last corner of the planet and doing nothing but aggravating inequalities between the rich and (...)

Go ! Cultures, Religions, Citizenship and the World Parliament process - 17 December 2003 - by Siddhartha
“We haven’t reached the end of history, but rather the end of a period in history and we now need to put our heads together to write the next page, that of the building of an international community that is capable of combining unity and diversity at all levels, from the local to the global, that is capable of mastering and orienting the powerful forces of science and the market, that is capable of equipping itself with the rules, institutions, representations and methods that will ensure (...)

Go ! Doomed to Hope - 18 March 2003 - by Nadia Leila Aïssaoui
This is the presentation made by Nadia Aïssaoui, an Algerian living in Lebanon, during the controversial debate of the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre last January on the question: Against the wars of the 21st century, How can peace be created between peoples?

Go ! Proposals for further action - 16 April 2002 - by Gustavo Marin, Karine Goasmat, Robert David
The least one can say is that the crisis opened by the Israeli army intervention in Ramallah and other Palestinian cities on March 29, 2002 will be long-lasting and treacherous. After the second and last meeting of Colin Powell with Yasser Arafat on Wednesday, April 17, we were able to see that diplomacy is powerless. Neither the government of George W. Bush, nor the European Union, nor the Princes and leaders of the Arab States, nor the United Nations have been able to get the Israeli (...)



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