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Go ! A People, United, Will Never Be Defeated! - 28 June 2008 - by Gustavo Marin
Some thoughts on the new trans-border citizenship being generated by migrants. The recent World Social Forum on Migrations was electrified by an unexpected event: for the first time, two major groups of migrants from Latin America and North Africa met and realized that they had the same goals. The Mediterranean and the Mexico-USA border both lie across the path of the great migratory flows of the twenty-first century. Spurred by many and varied difficult situations, people have (...)

Go ! 208.5 Tons: That’s How Much Peace Can Weigh! - 15 November 2007 - by Richard Pétris
After September 11, 2001, the School of Peace coordinated, in the framework of the Alliance, an international and multilingual e-debate around the theme "Building Peace: Understanding First, So We Can Act". The debate lasted six months and involved more than 150 participants from 48 different countries, all ages and from all walks of life. The results of the debate are still completely relevant, and we encourage you to take a look at them! This year, the School of Peace is 10 years old. Its (...)

Go ! Infocom21 Launches Technical Platform for Citizen Alliances & Networks and Opens Web Site - 7 August 2007 - by Equipe Infocom21
In the spirit of the Constituent Charter of the Alliance, and in line with the decisions consigned in the Charter, a new project is now born, offering citizen networks the tools and methods that will help to change the Alliance into in an alliance of alliances … When it launched the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World, the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind had, from the start, the intuition that building a global citizen community would require (...)

Go ! The 2nd Stage of the Alliance has just started - 2 September 2006
Following the message from Pierre Calame, general manager of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind, who informed you of the decision of the Foundation Board regarding the termination of the Foundation’s financial support to the Alliance, the Alliance Communication Team, which was in charge of facilitating the consultation on the project for a Constituent Charter, informs you of the following.

Go ! Thirty years of Habitat I: no more neoliberal model of cities! - 24 June 2006
It is possible to build new cities thanks to a new urban social pact centered on the citizens. The failure of the neoliberal model of cities.

Go ! Development of the Citizens’ Earth - 14 June 2006
Citizens’ Earth - APM is a global network dynamics creator of new organizations, capable of international initiatives, and producer of about ten Proposal Papers on a global level on themes connected to agriculture, fishing, food, and the management of natural resources. It is a network that is adapting, and recomposing its form of operation and of governance. This memo presents in a summarized way the history of the development of the Citizens’ Earth - APM Network and its situation in May (...)

Go ! Philippe Amouroux Passes away - 4 April 2006
It is with great sorrow that we announce the sudden death, last March 25, of Philippe Amouroux, who was 51. Philippe played a crucial role in the Alliance. It was he who coordinated the debate on the Constituent Charter in 2005. He facilitated all the technological and methodological work on the development of tools for the Alliance: data bases, forums, etc. Finally and above all, he coordinated the great diversity of workshops of the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy. He had also (...)

Go ! Reforming the United Nations Organization and Redefining Global Governance - 25 March 2005 - by Gustavo Marin
Report of the meeting on the reform of the U.N. with the U.N. Secretariat on March 3, 2005 Following the annual Bridge Initiative conference organized in Paris in December 2004 at the FPH and at UNESCO, we contributed to implementing a discussion process between civil-society organizations and multilateral-institution officers in the framework of the reform of the U.N. that will be discussed at the U.N. General Assembly in September 2005. Several Dialogue and Controversy Tables had been (...)

Go ! Main Points for the Discussion with the United Nations Secretariat - 24 March 2005 - by Gustavo Marin, Pierre Calame
This document was presented at the meeting organized by the Bridge Initiative and the UN Secretariat in New York on March 3, 2005 1. The United Nations Secretariat is facing a historic opportunity. The document it is to send to the Heads of State in view of the September 2005 General Assembly cannot amount simply to a compilation of recommendations for reforming the system designed in the wake of World War II. The reform should not be merely institutional, limited to the reorganization of (...)

Go ! Eco Friends’s Battle of the Ganga - 22 November 2004 - by Agnès Saule, Laure de Rotalier
Despite the very high level of pollution of the river Ganga, it continues to attract polluting industries. An astonishing paradox, that of the relationship of Hindus with their holy rivers. No matter how venerated, they are also godforsakenly polluted! The Ganga is no exception to the rule. Although flowing in the cradle region of the Hindu religion, so many myths of which it has inspired, its pollution there is as dramatic, or even more dramatic than elsewhere. “People come from all of (...)

Go ! News from the International Alliance of Inhabitants - 19 June 2004 - by Cesare Ottolini
The International Alliance of inhabitants is preparing, after the World Social Forum 2004, the following activities : Zero Evictions! Specially the campaign Viva Nairobi Viva! In coordination with local associations. This campaign has been successful in blocking the eviction of some 354.000 inhabitants of the Nairobi slums. Social production of habitat: This campaign wants to promote the defeat of public and social housing shortage, prioritising the use of territorial, social, cultural, (...)

Go ! What’s New ? 2003, December - 2004, January - 15 January 2004
Dear Friends, In this issue, Edith Sizoo announces the institution in Greece of an International Committee for the "Charter of Human Responsibilities." Isis de Palma tells of her experience with the drums cooperative "Ilu Bogbo Ayie" of Brazil, which is part of the Drums for Peace initiative. You can also read about the workshops that the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy helped to organize at the European Social Forum in Paris. There are also other topics and proposals, such as the (...)

Go ! What’s New ? 2003 November - 15 November 2003
Welcome to the newsletter of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World. This letter, if you received it by regular mail, or this message, if you are sitting in front of your screen, is providing you with the first news of the Alliance in its new stage; henceforth, you will be receiving it once a month in English, French, or Spanish. We are offering here the latest Alliance news, as well as that of many other actors around the world, so that in our quest for a fairer, more (...)

Go ! Our Guest Is: Juliette Decoster for the FPH Call for Initiatives - 6 October 2003
The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation (fph) Call for Initiatives is today one of the main financial offers on which the Alliance relies for its development. After ten years of a close relationship between the Alliance and this private foundation, the Call, drawing lessons from the relationship, seeks to offer a better framework to meet the challenges that the network has defined progressively, as well as to achieve its aims of interaction with society. Juliette Decoster, in charge of (...)

Go ! Elements for Consideration and Proposals - 18 July 2003
This overall, and most certainly incomplete view allows us to draw some conclusions on the experience and the future of the Geocultural Branch of the Alliance. While we can observe some slowing down of the activities of the Allies in the different regions, due most probably to a lesser central presence of the FPH, we can note at the same time that groups of Allies have remained active and are seeking to regroup. These groups, these initiatives, are facilitated as much by former Allies (...)

Go ! Middle East - 18 July 2003
The first contacts with the Allies of this region date back to the Alliance meetings of 1993, but they were not followed up. Since 1998, a network of Allies has been constituted, mainly from Lebanon, thanks to the activities of the Cultural Council for South Lebanon. This network organized several meetings dedicated to questions of regional governance, the Arab World’s place in globalization, the conditions for building social and political peace, the sustainable management of water and (...)

Go ! Europe - 18 July 2003
To evaluate the progress of the Alliance in Europe, we can quote Betty Nguyen, who did a recent survey on the subject: “.. . . This experimentation of a European public debate . . . was pursued in the framework of the 2000-2001 Assembly process with the June 2001 European Continental Meeting in Peles. It is flagrant to note that the four themes identified for the meeting (democratic governance for Europe, work and social organization, rural world and sustainability, migrations and (...)

Go ! Asia - 18 July 2003
A prominent feature of the Alliance is that it is present in the two largest countries of the world: China and India. Moreover, it is significant that, beyond trade relations, the first milestones of a cross-cultural dialogue between these two countries have been placed in the past two years. For China, the February 2003 meeting in Beijing constituted the end of a stage initiated by our meeting with She Kou in June 1993 and the beginning of a new phase. The record of our preparation of (...)

Go ! Africa - 18 July 2003
A progress report on the Alliance in Africa requires, among others, that we make an evaluation of the African Caravan, which began in Cape Town, South Africa, in June 2000, and ended with the Continental Meeting of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania in June 2001. Our intention has been to make this evaluation jointly with David Gakunzi, who was the main facilitator of this initiative, but we have not been able to work with him so far. Although the Caravan reached the end of its journey, as planned, (...)

Go ! North America - 18 July 2003
The Alliance has clearly not shown great development in North America. Nonetheless, a number of Allies are facilitating a variety of activities in the region, among others, in the United States. We have backed two initiatives from Canada: the facilitation of a network of labor unions on a world level, presented by Alternatives (from Montreal) and a study on civil society and governance proposed by the Club of Athens (also based in Montreal). In the United States, we have backed initiatives (...)


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