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Infocom21 Launches Technical Platform for Citizen Alliances & Networks and Opens Web Site


In the spirit of the Constituent Charter of the Alliance, and in line with the decisions consigned in the Charter, a new project is now born, offering citizen networks the tools and methods that will help to change the Alliance into in an alliance of alliances …

When it launched the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World, the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind had, from the start, the intuition that building a global citizen community would require new forms of collective organization. In the history of the Alliance, especially since 1996, the development of cooperative working tools adapted to this challenge and the breaking-in of rigorous methodologies have been decisive in the success of this large-scale collective process. Suffice it to observe that since September 2006, at the time when the Constituent Charter of the Alliance was made public on the Alliance Web site, marking the transition from the slowdown of the Alliance’s collective activity to its re-vitalization, the Web site has had a monthly average of 50 to 60 thousand visits, with an impressive peak of 104,057 visits in July 2007.

Alliance tools and methods are passed on to all alliances

Since 2006, a large part of these tools and methods designed to constitute collective intelligence has been collected and integrated into a platform, the Infocom21 "competence network," under the management of a team, most of the members of which have been long committed to missions of facilitation, communication, and development of tools within citizen alliances or networks.

Each Infocom21 team member is convinced that for such alliances and networks to grow and to maintain their action, they must be able to capitalize and organize their knowledge, and share their thoughts, experiences and resources. This is why Infocom21 develops and proposes multilingual, cross-cultural, cooperative Internet-based working tools and methods, which are presented in detail at the Infocom21 Web site.

These tools and methods make it possible to:
- structure information;
- manage productive discussion forums;
- fully exploit resources through Web sites;
- and share resources within a community and/or with other organizations.

These working procedures are intended for organizations (collectives, networks, institutions, companies) anywhere in the world, that, locally or globally:
- need to organize their knowledge and access to this knowledge;
- need to capitalize their experience and grasp the complexity of their history, their environment and the challenges they are facing;
- have strategies that rely on the development of participatory processes and the organization of structured cross-cultural dialogs and debates;
- and/or wish to share their knowledge and experiences.

Rates that are accessible to citizen networks

Infocom21 was born to serve citizen networks; its team is thus highly familiar with their context and knows that their means are usually limited. Infocom21 rates are therefore specially designed to be accessible.

Whether or not you are involved in a citizen network, if our solutions seem to match your needs, feel free to contact us via e-mail.

A warm welcome from the Infocom21 Team!


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