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Sharing Art As an Alternative to Merchandizing


I am Philippe Axel, French author, composer, and performer. I am a "Web artist." On my Web site at www.philaxel.com, I advocate the creation of an international virtual community of musicians with the possibility for each of them to register his or her work for free in mp3 format. A community with a humanist vocation that would be able to give birth, through music, to an embryo of international brotherhood. I also propose to associate with the files that are registered, a "ladder" system that allows artists to evaluate their work mutually. This would simply be the first democratic music label of the world.

I have made my own Web site, where in its "Blog" I express my humanist feelings. I am working on new forms to finance musical creation through sponsorship and I am proposing a "small test on the Internet and current music." A text in which I demonstrate why, according to me, culture, just as education, health, or research, must not be reserved exclusively for "solvent clients." I also explain, with many literary and journalistic references, why it is necessary today to free artists from the influence of governments and marketing, and I imagine how the Internet could contribute to that.



Philippe Axel’s Web site
Self-interview In French

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