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Seeking Partners
Invitation to Join the World Parliament Experiment

In October 2003, the Alliance World Parliament Workgroup produced a few proposals at the end of a year-long international Internet-based debate. Less than four years later, a World Parliament Experiment was implemented in Norway, and since then, has pursued its development through face-to-face and online sessions, with several of these planned in 2010. Following is a message from the World Parliament Experiment Team.

We believe that another world is possible. But what does this new world look like? The World Parliament Experiment (WPE) is not just against the current world order, it is a positive vision of a fully democratic world, in which everybody will take part and have a say.

This is why the WPE is YOUR democracy. It is your forum to vote, to elect, to express your opinions, and be elected as a representative!

First WPE face-to-face session in Norway, February 2007

The WPE allows political activity on the national and the local level: it is linked to national democracy experiments and it includes regional forums.

Everybody is invited to create their own Parliament Experiment on the national, regional, or local, or even the individual level. Just send us an e-mail regarding your plans, and we will try to set up your individual space on the WPE server. The WPE Team will provide you with all the technical support you will need for setting up your own Parliament Experiment.

The WPE is the Internet platform for political discussions. Besides elections, the forum allows you to debate, discuss, and share your views in a truly international environment!
The WPE results will be introduced into the international political process as claims to decision makers. Therefore, the WPE is a real political factor. The more people participate, the more powerful the WPE will become.

Imagine the opportunities of such a global forum! Imagine the combined power of all its participants! Imagine a real World Parliament!

For more information on the desirability and potential of this project please see the essay “Towards a World Parliament.”

Themes involved

-Seeking Partners


Photo above: Second WPE face-to-face session in Bonn, Germany, February 2008

The WPE uses a wiki for its permanent information and discussions. Feel free to visit the World Parliament Experiment wiki

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