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Go ! The challenge of moving ahead towards a new phase - 31 January 2004 - by Gustavo Marin
Advances and tensions of the alternative world movement. Attempts to make the WSF genuinely global and develop it beyond its Brazilian roots have proved successful, since the quest to create truly global resistance and formulate alternative paths to capitalist globalisation aims at strengthening the combat of every actor, whether from the North, South, East or West. After Mumbai, Porto Alegre is even stronger. Thanks to the tenacity of the Indian organisers and above all to the strong (...)

Go ! Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy (WSSE) Participates in European Social Forum - 11 December 2003 - by Françoise Wautiez
Tens of thousands attended the workshops, seminars and plenary session of the European Social Forum (ESF) held in four different venues in 0Paris and some of its suburbs. Along with other groups, the WSSE organized workshops and seminars on the transformation of the territory, women and the economy, socially responsible finance, social money, experiences in social economy, and local exchange systems. The ESF Coordination of socially responsible economy actors had decided to pool all joint (...)

Go ! The World Social Forum 2004 in India - 14 October 2003
For its fourth year, the WSF will be held soon, from January 16 to 21 2004, in Mumbai, India. The Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World (Alliance21) has attended the WSF since 2001, when already, several "Allied" groups took part in the coordination of about 40 workshops. This year, we are launching an initiative for the coordination and sharing of experiences among the different citizens networks that will be presenting activities at the Forum. This Web site is intended to (...)

Go ! Birth of a Coordination Committee for Alliance Participation at the WSF in Mumbai - 7 October 2003 - by John Samuel, Philippe Amouroux
In view of the Alliance’s participation at the WSF in Mumbai, the FPH backed a meeting of a group of Indian and Asian Allies from the 26th to the 28th of October in Bangkok. A Coordination Committee was set up at that meeting. The Committee will coordinate the Allies’ activities and reserve rooms in a well-located hotel so that Allies will be able to be as close as possible to each other and be able to use meeting rooms for their workshops and workgroups. A Communication Team will be set up (...)

Go ! Alliance 21: Making Another World Possible - 1 June 2003
The ideas included in this document on the future of the Alliance were drawn up and re-edited, under his own responsibility, by Martí Olivella, from two participatory processes: a) the EIFE e-forum and the evaluations made in the course of 2002 on the online "delibera" evaluation procedure, and b) the proposals presented during the 2003 WSF and comments on them from the EIFE e-forum.

Go ! After Porto Alegre… - 18 February 2003 - by Gustavo Marin
Many Workshop facilitators of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World have participated in the World Social Forum since its first opening in 2001 in Porto Alegre. Insofar as the central idea of the WSF is to open places for dialogue, the elaboration of proposals, debates, and for the reinforcement of alliances and strategies, but as there is no attempt to draw up a common position for the entire assembly, the Alliance Workshops have in the WSF a privileged field to (...)

Go ! Information for the Next World Social Forum - 10 January 2003
About 100,000 people are expected for this third version of the WSF, including some 30,000 in the Youth Camp. These figures are the key factor for this third WSF, as they raise huge problems in the organization of this major event. (For further information : The Forum will begin Thursday, January 23 with a demonstration and the opening ceremony. There will then be four working days with workshops, seminars, panel debates, conferences, and “dialogue and controversy round tables,” and the Forum will end on Tuesday, January 28 with a closing (...)

Go ! Lessons from Porto Alegre and Follow-up … - 18 March 2002 - by Gustavo Marin

Go ! 1997: History of the Alliance’s International Assembly and Continental Assemblies - 11 February 1998 - by Gustavo Marin, Manola Gardez
The objective of this meeting was to prepare for the World Citizens Assembly and for the meetings of the end of the century. At the time, Allies were still planning this passing-of-the-century event to take place in 1999 and therefore it seemed appropriate to organize, two years previous to this date, a preliminary meeting as a step in this collective journey. The 1997 Assembly constituted a true prototype for a world assembly as well as for the continental assemblies and the whole of (...)


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