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The World Social Forum 2004 in India

The Allies at the WSF

For its fourth year, the WSF will be held soon, from January 16 to 21 2004, in Mumbai, India. The Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World (Alliance21) has attended the WSF since 2001, when already, several "Allied" groups took part in the coordination of about 40 workshops. This year, we are launching an initiative for the coordination and sharing of experiences among the different citizens networks that will be presenting activities at the Forum. This Web site is intended to make this effort visible. Here, you will be able to read: news and briefs on the development of this initiative; announcements made by the participating groups who are organizing workshops, seminars, or other activities; context, methodology and other sorts of papers; and finally, practical information and a link to the discussion list of the participating groups.

Themes involved

-Social Forums

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