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Forum for a new World Governance

Pooling our Energy for an Emergency

Forum for a new World Governance

Each passing day increases the feeling dramatically that a system of world governance is vitally needed, which respects all human beings, all that is living, and the planet as a whole. This has to happen before the application of the free-market myth (some call it “the free fox in the free chicken coop”) ends up destroying any perspective for the survival of our world… including the human species. To act, we have to think, we have to make viable, applicable proposals, now. More than ever, we need to facilitate the convergence of all the thinking and the emergence of the proposals drawn from all cultures. Because union makes strength. It is in this spirit that the Forum for a New World Governance (FnWG) was born just a few months ago.

The FnGM Web site periodically publishes an article on current governance issues in all the continents, written by a distinguished politician or a by a player who is representative of civil society. It offers a database containing key documents on the following main topics: Environmental Governance and Managing the Earth; Economic Governance and Globalization; Political and Institutional Governance; Governance of Peace, Security, and Conflict Resolution; and Governance of Science, Education, Information, and Communication.

The Web site also submits a Discussion Paper for online comments. In addition, it publishes Proposal Papers as contributions to the broad debate on world governance. As many participants as possible are invited to contribute to this initiative with their thinking on this subject, to take part in the discussion, and to envisage the implementation of projects related to managing the planet, in all forms, at every level, connecting the local and the global. The forum organizes seminars and conferences as well. All the work is broadly circulated through a variety of publications and through the Web site. Do join!


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