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Go ! Results of the Forum on the World Parliament. - 13 July 2004 - by Arnaud Blin, Germà Pelayo, Gustavo Marin, Pierre Calame
The results of the first phase of discussion of the electronic forum “A World Parliament for the 21st Century” (October 2002 - January 2003) are now available in English and have been for some time also in French What are the values and principles for building a world community? What is the role of each of the international institutions in the map of global governance? How can we imagine a body that is able to represent and to combine, democratically, the complexity of the human family? How (...)

Go ! Another World Social Forum Is Possible - 20 June 2004 - by Gustavo Marin, Pierre Calame
The next World Social Forum will be held in Porto Alegre from January 26 to 31, 2005. In five years, the WSF has imposed itself as a major event for all those who are attempting to build another world, as a place allowing the expression, in all its diversity, of those engaged in the alterglobalization battle. In doing so, the Social Forums have given rise to much new hope. They have so far, however, not been sufficiently able to take full advantage of their diversity as well as to (...)

Go ! News from the International Alliance of Inhabitants - 19 June 2004 - by Cesare Ottolini
The International Alliance of inhabitants is preparing, after the World Social Forum 2004, the following activities : Zero Evictions! Specially the campaign Viva Nairobi Viva! In coordination with local associations. This campaign has been successful in blocking the eviction of some 354.000 inhabitants of the Nairobi slums. Social production of habitat: This campaign wants to promote the defeat of public and social housing shortage, prioritising the use of territorial, social, cultural, (...)

Go ! What’s New ? 2003, December - 2004, January - 15 January 2004
Dear Friends, In this issue, Edith Sizoo announces the institution in Greece of an International Committee for the "Charter of Human Responsibilities." Isis de Palma tells of her experience with the drums cooperative "Ilu Bogbo Ayie" of Brazil, which is part of the Drums for Peace initiative. You can also read about the workshops that the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy helped to organize at the European Social Forum in Paris. There are also other topics and proposals, such as the (...)

Go ! Charter of Human Responsibilities: Taking up the challenge! - 18 December 2003 - by Edith Sizoo
A long process of wide-ranging discussions within the Alliance focusing on the need for a Charter of Human Responsibilities, its contents, legitimacy, appeal, efficacy, and its ultimate place in both civil society and within international institutions, led to a draft text which was discussed by the World Assembly of Citizens in Lille, December 2001. A revised version was then submitted for further comment to those who had participated in the Assembly, and to the wider circle of Allies and (...)

Go ! Thirty Proposals for Another World to Be Possible - 12 December 2003
This paper is the summary of a debate on the Proposal Papers of the Alliance. It is a significant contribution to the collective development of a Citizen Action Program for the Twenty-first Century. The proposals are organized into ten chapters: 1. Preparation of a New Theoretical Paradigm 2. Constructing World Governance 3. Promoting Globally Sustainable Development 4. Global Solution to the Problem of Foreign Debt 5. Fair Trade Development 6. Developing and Defending Culture as a (...)

Go ! What’s New ? 2003 November - 15 November 2003
Welcome to the newsletter of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World. This letter, if you received it by regular mail, or this message, if you are sitting in front of your screen, is providing you with the first news of the Alliance in its new stage; henceforth, you will be receiving it once a month in English, French, or Spanish. We are offering here the latest Alliance news, as well as that of many other actors around the world, so that in our quest for a fairer, more (...)

Go ! First Phase of Proposal Papers Evaluation Completed: Results and Impressions - 6 October 2003
Submit the 60 Proposal Papers, and the enormous work they involved, for reading and collective evaluation beyond the many Workshops and Groups that drafted them in the past few years: such was the terrific challenge that the Nova CIS team in Barcelona took up and solved. To do so, they set up a process that lasted from October 2002 to July 2003 and involved the evaluation by 158 persons of 912 texts covering 35 themes, on the basis of nearly 15,000 contributions in 5 different languages. (...)

Go ! Cancún: Blocking the Neoliberal Plan and a New Opportunity to Advance Alternatives - 6 October 2003 - by Germà Pelayo
In the course of this past decade, the farmers in the countries of the South have been impoverished dramatically as a result of the liberalization of the world economy. The rich countries subsidize their agricultural products then market them broadly and cheaply in the countries of the South. The result of this agricultural dumping is that millions of small-scale farmers cannot sell what they produce, which condemns them to poverty and emigration. The WTO set up a meeting in Cancún from (...)

Go ! Elements for Consideration and Proposals - 18 July 2003
This overall, and most certainly incomplete view allows us to draw some conclusions on the experience and the future of the Geocultural Branch of the Alliance. While we can observe some slowing down of the activities of the Allies in the different regions, due most probably to a lesser central presence of the FPH, we can note at the same time that groups of Allies have remained active and are seeking to regroup. These groups, these initiatives, are facilitated as much by former Allies (...)

Go ! The Barcelona Meeting - The Future of the Alliance - 18 July 2003 - by Hamilton Faria
REPORT FROM HAMILTON FARIA World Network of Artists in Alliance Artists Socioprofessional Network "If the Alliance didn’t exist, it would have to be invented". Inspired by these highly symbolic words from Marti Olivella, we held our (historic) meeting at Barcelona on the Alliance’s present and future. The meeting gathered 30 allies and members, mostly comprised of persons from the social-economic sector, and participants from other socioprofessional networks and workshops such as Yin-Yang, (...)

Go ! Alliance 21: Making Another World Possible - 1 June 2003
The ideas included in this document on the future of the Alliance were drawn up and re-edited, under his own responsibility, by Martí Olivella, from two participatory processes: a) the EIFE e-forum and the evaluations made in the course of 2002 on the online "delibera" evaluation procedure, and b) the proposals presented during the 2003 WSF and comments on them from the EIFE e-forum.

Go ! Doomed to Hope - 18 March 2003 - by Nadia Leila Aïssaoui
This is the presentation made by Nadia Aïssaoui, an Algerian living in Lebanon, during the controversial debate of the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre last January on the question: Against the wars of the 21st century, How can peace be created between peoples?

Go ! Sixty Proposal Papers - 30 December 2002
Different groups of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World (mainly Thematic Workshops, but also some Geo-cultural and Socioprofessional Groups) took the initiative to set up and facilitate jointly forums opened to participants of various geographical and professional extractions in 2000 and 2001, by holding face-to-face (meetings and workshops) and virtual meetings and debates (electronic forums), in order to elaborate common perspectives and strategies in their field of (...)

Go ! Forum for the Cross-evaluation of the Proposals for a Responsible, United and Plural World - 20 October 2002
In the course of the last 4 years, dozens of groups that are part of the Alliance for a Responsible, United and Plural World have put together some 60 Proposal Papers and Breakthroughs that were presented at the World Citizens Assembly (Lille, December 2001) and are currently being published and distributed in a number of languages (French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese).

Go ! Desirable News - 21 April 2002
Desirable News, inspired by 25 Proposals Booklets of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World.

Go ! Proposals for further action - 16 April 2002 - by Gustavo Marin, Karine Goasmat, Robert David
The least one can say is that the crisis opened by the Israeli army intervention in Ramallah and other Palestinian cities on March 29, 2002 will be long-lasting and treacherous. After the second and last meeting of Colin Powell with Yasser Arafat on Wednesday, April 17, we were able to see that diplomacy is powerless. Neither the government of George W. Bush, nor the European Union, nor the Princes and leaders of the Arab States, nor the United Nations have been able to get the Israeli (...)

Go ! The Coexistence Index - 1 January 2002
The Coexistence Index (CI) is an instrument to measure levels of coexistence within a community, a society, or a country, and serves as a basis for comparison along with other social, political, and economic indices such as the GNP, or illiteracy and poverty indices. The point is to contribute to including tolerance and communication factors within a community as fundamental elements to determine its social health and plan suitable policies, as well as intervention by the proper actors to (...)

Go ! Agenda for the Twenty-first Century - 5 July 2001
One of the objectives of the World Citizens Assembly was to draw up an "Agenda for the Twenty-first Century," that is, to identify perspectives that were common to all the participants. The Assembly began with Socioprofessional Workshops made up of participants belonging to a same social or professional sphere. Every workshop expressed its own agenda, presented in the form of a "socioprofessional mapping" of the proposals. The similarity of the different mappings made it possible to identify seventeen common themes. Each of them was the subject of a Thematic Workshop. The exploitation of (...)


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