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Thirty Proposals for Another World to Be Possible

This paper is the summary of a debate on the Proposal Papers of the Alliance. It is a significant contribution to the collective development of a Citizen Action Program for the Twenty-first Century.

The proposals are organized into ten chapters:

- 1. Preparation of a New Theoretical Paradigm
- 2. Constructing World Governance
- 3. Promoting Globally Sustainable Development
- 4. Global Solution to the Problem of Foreign Debt
- 5. Fair Trade Development
- 6. Developing and Defending Culture as a Basis for Change
- 7. Education for a Sustainable Economy of Solidarity
- 8. Evaluation of Women’s Work
- 9. Social Money for an Economy of Solidarity
- 10.Need for a Political Project

  • Overall Cross-summary: Thirty Proposals for an Alternative Global Model
    Équipe de facilitation du forum, Forum Facilitation Team, Equipo de facilitación del foro (Nova, Centre per a la Innovació Social)
    01 October 2003
    Provisional summary of the Forum for the Cross-evaluation of Proposals for a Responsible, Plural and United World.

Themes involved

-The Alliance story

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