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First Phase of Proposal Papers Evaluation Completed: Results and Impressions

Submit the 60 Proposal Papers, and the enormous work they involved, for reading and collective evaluation beyond the many Workshops and Groups that drafted them in the past few years: such was the terrific challenge that the Nova CIS team in Barcelona took up and solved. To do so, they set up a process that lasted from October 2002 to July 2003 and involved the evaluation by 158 persons of 912 texts covering 35 themes, on the basis of nearly 15,000 contributions in 5 different languages. Given that people are not accustomed to connecting to the Internet for the purpose of using an evaluation tool and may find it difficult to do so, and given, also, the colossal mass of ideas and themes presented for evaluation, this was a necessary first experiment in understanding and evaluating the better possible worlds that we are aspiring to make. A report on the results of this experience is being prepared and soon participants will be able to evaluate the method that was used for the evaluation and the provisional summary of the proposals.


Themes involved

-The Alliance story

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