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Go ! Somewhere on the Planet: Remembering Rwanda – 15 Years Later, Violence Goes on in the DRC - 17 August 2009 - by Ross Hollister
What happened in Rwanda in 1994 cannot and should not be forgotten. Fifteen years later, the country has found relative peace, but not much is being reported on the violence that spilled over from Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo and continues, to this day, to take the lives of countless civilians. Ross Hollister, a young volunteer in the DRC, sent us his thoughts on the 15th anniversary of the day that was to spark off the Rwandan genocide. Goma, DRC—April 6, 2009. It’s 8:00 pm (...)

Go ! Live from the World Social Forum: A Colorful Carnival with Serious Business - 1 April 2009 - by John Samuel
We are happy to present here a first-hand report from the World Social Forum (WSF) 2009, by John Samuel, a longstanding friend of the Alliance and member of the WSF International Council, who offers a vivid account of many of the different aspects of this year’s WSF, and a touch of friendly, constructive critique. Music was in the air. Drenched in a late-afternoon shower, more than 100,000 people with causes and convictions, from 120 countries, filled the streets with dance, drums, and (...)

Go ! From the World Social Forum: Putting Finance in Its Place - 2 March 2009
For a new economic and social model Let’s put finance in its place! The financial crisis is a systemic crisis that emerges in the context of global crises (climate, food, energy, social…) and of a new balance of power. It results from 30 years of transfer of income from labor towards capital. This trend should be reversed. This crisis is the consequence of a capitalist system of production based on laissez-faire and fed by short term accumulation of profits by a minority, unequal (...)



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