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Go ! Thirty Proposals for Another World to Be Possible - 12 December 2003
This paper is the summary of a debate on the Proposal Papers of the Alliance. It is a significant contribution to the collective development of a Citizen Action Program for the Twenty-first Century. The proposals are organized into ten chapters: 1. Preparation of a New Theoretical Paradigm 2. Constructing World Governance 3. Promoting Globally Sustainable Development 4. Global Solution to the Problem of Foreign Debt 5. Fair Trade Development 6. Developing and Defending Culture as a (...)

Go ! FPH - Partners Dialogue for New Stage of Alliance - 11 December 2003
On October 14 to 16 and 20 to 22, the FPH organized two meetings with some of its former, present, and new partners in view of getting their reactions to the new FPH guidelines. The first meeting included some twenty representatives of Socioprofessional Networks (Fishworkers, Local Elected Officials, and Young People, for instance) and the second was attended by members of the Geocultural Groups from different regions of the world. The aim was to work jointly to define the new stage of the (...)

Go ! What’s New ? 2003 November - 15 November 2003
Welcome to the newsletter of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World. This letter, if you received it by regular mail, or this message, if you are sitting in front of your screen, is providing you with the first news of the Alliance in its new stage; henceforth, you will be receiving it once a month in English, French, or Spanish. We are offering here the latest Alliance news, as well as that of many other actors around the world, so that in our quest for a fairer, more (...)

Go ! Birth of a Coordination Committee for Alliance Participation at the WSF in Mumbai - 7 October 2003 - by John Samuel, Philippe Amouroux
In view of the Alliance’s participation at the WSF in Mumbai, the FPH backed a meeting of a group of Indian and Asian Allies from the 26th to the 28th of October in Bangkok. A Coordination Committee was set up at that meeting. The Committee will coordinate the Allies’ activities and reserve rooms in a well-located hotel so that Allies will be able to be as close as possible to each other and be able to use meeting rooms for their workshops and workgroups. A Communication Team will be set up (...)

Go ! First Phase of Proposal Papers Evaluation Completed: Results and Impressions - 6 October 2003
Submit the 60 Proposal Papers, and the enormous work they involved, for reading and collective evaluation beyond the many Workshops and Groups that drafted them in the past few years: such was the terrific challenge that the Nova CIS team in Barcelona took up and solved. To do so, they set up a process that lasted from October 2002 to July 2003 and involved the evaluation by 158 persons of 912 texts covering 35 themes, on the basis of nearly 15,000 contributions in 5 different languages. (...)

Go ! Our Guest Is: Juliette Decoster for the FPH Call for Initiatives - 6 October 2003
The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation (fph) Call for Initiatives is today one of the main financial offers on which the Alliance relies for its development. After ten years of a close relationship between the Alliance and this private foundation, the Call, drawing lessons from the relationship, seeks to offer a better framework to meet the challenges that the network has defined progressively, as well as to achieve its aims of interaction with society. Juliette Decoster, in charge of (...)

Go ! Elements for Consideration and Proposals - 18 July 2003
This overall, and most certainly incomplete view allows us to draw some conclusions on the experience and the future of the Geocultural Branch of the Alliance. While we can observe some slowing down of the activities of the Allies in the different regions, due most probably to a lesser central presence of the FPH, we can note at the same time that groups of Allies have remained active and are seeking to regroup. These groups, these initiatives, are facilitated as much by former Allies (...)

Go ! The Barcelona Meeting - The Future of the Alliance - 18 July 2003 - by Hamilton Faria
REPORT FROM HAMILTON FARIA World Network of Artists in Alliance Artists Socioprofessional Network "If the Alliance didn’t exist, it would have to be invented". Inspired by these highly symbolic words from Marti Olivella, we held our (historic) meeting at Barcelona on the Alliance’s present and future. The meeting gathered 30 allies and members, mostly comprised of persons from the social-economic sector, and participants from other socioprofessional networks and workshops such as Yin-Yang, (...)

Go ! Alliance 21: Making Another World Possible - 1 June 2003
The ideas included in this document on the future of the Alliance were drawn up and re-edited, under his own responsibility, by Martí Olivella, from two participatory processes: a) the EIFE e-forum and the evaluations made in the course of 2002 on the online "delibera" evaluation procedure, and b) the proposals presented during the 2003 WSF and comments on them from the EIFE e-forum.

Go ! Information for the Next World Social Forum - 10 January 2003
About 100,000 people are expected for this third version of the WSF, including some 30,000 in the Youth Camp. These figures are the key factor for this third WSF, as they raise huge problems in the organization of this major event. (For further information : The Forum will begin Thursday, January 23 with a demonstration and the opening ceremony. There will then be four working days with workshops, seminars, panel debates, conferences, and “dialogue and controversy round tables,” and the Forum will end on Tuesday, January 28 with a closing (...)

Go ! What’s new since 2002 ? - 18 December 2002
2000-2001 were years of extraordinary activity for the many Workshops and Groups of the Alliance. During those two years, the Allies organized scores of meetings in all the regions of the world, focused mainly on the collective elaboration of nearly sixty Proposal Papers and the Charter of Human Responsibilities. The five Continental Meetings in June 2001 (in Ecuador, India, Tanzania, Romania, and Lebanon) constituted an important stage of this process, which culminated with the holding of the World Citizens Assembly in Lille, France, in December (...)

Go ! Alliance Publications: Caravan - 12 December 2002
At the end of an intense e-debate, the international editorial staff of this new series of the Alliance’s Newsletter decided to call it "Caravan," as you have probably noticed at the top of the page. Other interesting names were suggested, but this one seemed to offer an excellent metaphor for the voluntary and collective movement that the Alliance is hoping to be. This word of Persian origin has the advantage of being phonetically similar in many of the major common languages of the contemporary world (English, French, Spanish, Hindi, etc.). It also has a positive connotation, be it in (...)

Go ! Forum for the Cross-evaluation of the Proposals for a Responsible, United and Plural World - 20 October 2002
In the course of the last 4 years, dozens of groups that are part of the Alliance for a Responsible, United and Plural World have put together some 60 Proposal Papers and Breakthroughs that were presented at the World Citizens Assembly (Lille, December 2001) and are currently being published and distributed in a number of languages (French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese).

Go ! Follow-up to the World Citizens Assembly - 10 May 2002
The first World Citizens Assembly was held in Lille (France) in December 2001. The Assembly, which gathered four hundred participants representing a fair balance of the different regions of the world and different socioprofessional spheres, foreshadowed a World Parliament. The results of the work carried out by the Alliance workshops since 1994 is now contained in the publication of sixty Proposal Papers, which were presented for the first time in Lille and for the second time at the World Social Forum this past January 2002. The World Assembly identified the common priorities for change (...)

Go ! Lessons from Porto Alegre and Follow-up … - 18 March 2002 - by Gustavo Marin
Even if we only consider the numbers, the World Social Forum is an unquestionable success. The number of participants and delegates increased spectacularly between the first and the second WSF. Francisco Whitaker analyzes the reasons for this success and the stakes for the future of the WSF. We are presenting a document written by Chico Whitaker, who draws a few conclusions from the World Social Forum held in Porto Alegre last February 2002. Chico is one of the major coordinators of (...)

Go ! Agenda 2000-01 - 8 January 2002

Go ! The Alliance after september 11, 2001 - 1 October 2001
After the tragic bombings of September 11th in NewYork, this text written in 1993 seems more present than ever. Yet these bombings shouldn’t make us forget that our world is a world where every day children and adults die of hunger or curable diseases, innocent populations are victims of fanaticisms and conflicts of all kind, where gaps of wealth challenge the human entendement. These events are not the attack of a civilization against another one. Today, wether one wants it or not, the destinies of our societies are inextricably bound together. "Our world is both one and infinitely (...)

Go ! 1997: History of the Alliance’s International Assembly and Continental Assemblies - 11 February 1998 - by Gustavo Marin, Manola Gardez
The objective of this meeting was to prepare for the World Citizens Assembly and for the meetings of the end of the century. At the time, Allies were still planning this passing-of-the-century event to take place in 1999 and therefore it seemed appropriate to organize, two years previous to this date, a preliminary meeting as a step in this collective journey. The 1997 Assembly constituted a true prototype for a world assembly as well as for the continental assemblies and the whole of (...)


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