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FPH - Partners Dialogue for New Stage of Alliance

On October 14 to 16 and 20 to 22, the FPH organized two meetings with some of its former, present, and new partners in view of getting their reactions to the new FPH guidelines. The first meeting included some twenty representatives of Socioprofessional Networks (Fishworkers, Local Elected Officials, and Young People, for instance) and the second was attended by members of the Geocultural Groups from different regions of the world. The aim was to work jointly to define the new stage of the Alliance and the focus was to give greater importance to the work of existing networks and organizations.

“Citizens Alliances” was one of the significant topics on the floor, meaning that groups and organizations, which thus far “have been placed in the [one] group photograph” of the Alliance, should now each be able to “place their own photograph in the mosaic,” the point being to build specific forms of cross-solidarity with other actors sharing some of the same issues and approaches. Examples of these are the Alliance of Independent Publishers, the Alliance of Community Residents, etc. For further information, please write to Pierre Vuarin

Themes involved

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