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Integrated Territorial Management

Integrated Territorial Management

Territory: between the high, the low, the short, the long, the fast, the slow, the internal and the external; the ideal level for essential conciliations.

Concept paper written for the WSSE Dakar, Senegal meeting (Nov 19-21, 2005).

The results of 20 years of action-oriented discussions highlight "the major importance of managing territories in the 21st century, and the need to decompartmentalize networks by encouraging them to unite around shared objectives and working tools". They raise a question that is central to preparing the future: how can we raise the profile of the various approaches and people and link them together in order to position the territory issue at the centre of a peaceful transformation of the way the world is run?


Alain Laurent
PhD in Science, conception-methodology, (...)
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Martine Théveniaut
Historian of the current times, commited with (...)
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Integrated Territorial Management

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