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Alliance 21: Making Another World Possible
Evaluations, Visions, Proposals, and Projects
Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World
April 2003

The first three parts :

- Evaluation and Vision of the Future
- Proposals and Projects :

- Report on the Participatory Process Used for the Evaluation and Future of the Alliance

- The second stage of the Alliance


Part Two: Proposals and Projects

By Martí Olivella
Barcelona, April 20, 2003


The proposals presented attempt to reinforce two processes aimed at obtaining a global vision: on the one hand, the necessary process of summarizing Alliance proposals and, on the other, the contribution to the World Social Forum (and the Regional Forums) to promote the launching of the second stage of the Alliance.

One challenge previous to the 2004 World Social Forum in India, is for active Allies to achieve ownership of the Alliance’s collective heritage in the course of 2003, so they may become vehicles providing information not only on their own thematic, geocultural, or socioprofessional work, but also on the others' work.

We must obtain forums at the 2004 WSF to publish and discuss the Proposal Papers of proposals. The theme /workshop coordinators are responsible for proposing activities for the 2004 WSF to the Alliance, so that they are not only individual proposals but related to the broad process that the Alliance represents.


This phenomenal world event is based on a very "human" form of organization and represents a fantastic breathing space. On the other hand, the positive growth of the WSF does not justify the lack of organization involved in workshop scheduling or the low graphic quality of the program, which was difficult to read and complicated. Spatial dispersion was a negative element, increasing pressure on urban traffic (the Pontífica Universidade Católica, where many of the activities took place, was located at a great distance from everything else). Diversity was well represented, young people were more present, and the hope related to Lula’s presence increased the Forum’s overall impact. Brazil represents a great hope for the planet. It is urgent to develop systems to facilitate meetings among peers and more participatory methods in the workshops, because classroom-type activities are still too common: just a few talking and a large number listening.


An intense, but unarticulated and not very visible presence. Different Allies performed impact activities, but it was not easy to find friends of the Alliance. There was no common visible sign to link the many workshops that we organized. There was no general view of our presence. We also have to organize a discussion on the aims of the Alliance’s presence at the WSF. At events of this size we wish to be present as a group. We should travel a few days ahead of the opening to have enough time to prepare. This would cost just a little more but we would gain a great deal.

The Alliance should make an important contribution to the World Social Forum. The Alliance has proposals and methods and the Forum has a lot of mobilization and media capacity. At the same time, the Indian Committee requires both methodological and content support to organize the 2004 WSF.

The Alliance, therefore, could provide support projects to the 2004 World Social Forum so that it becomes a more efficient place of sharing and not just a set of isolated events, but a permanent process.

The Alliance has to seek sources of financing to develop these projects, in addition to the support provided by the FPH. Collaboration with the WSF could be a good way of obtaining other means of financing for Alliance projects. These projects have to be presented to the foundations and agencies that provide funds to the WSF and wish to approach groups giving priority to articulation, promoting communication before, during and after the WSF.

If the WSF Organizing Committee is going to meet with international foundations, it would be a good idea to send representatives who can share information about the Alliance’s activities and initiatives, discussing how these activities can enrich and support the WSF and how the two should be funded, both in the form of joint and independent presentations.

The Alliance could perform a key function in the activities and communication processes before, during and after the WSF. In particular, it could promote a more general and cooperative agreement relating to the programs, policies and processes that are urgently needed to replace the existing structures and the economic globalization process.

Subsequent World Social Forums could continue to be important for the Alliance too, but also Regional and Local Forums.

The fact is that the Alliance has already done a lot of work—mapping, methodology, etc.—that could be used to prepare the 2004 WSF. How can we ensure our presence with a message that can be owned by all of humankind without overriding other alternatives that are close to our own or making them appear as "folkloric"?

We have to organize a general consultation among all the Allies taking an active part in the WSF, as part of a strategy based on joining forces to change the world.

Some ideas on projects to be presented to the 2004 WSF Indian Committee and the foundations and agencies supporting the WSF :

  • Project for training in systematic mapping methods to be applied to the content of the Regional Social Forums and the World Social Forum (based on the experience of a team of 25 persons linked to the FPH and IBASE, who already performed this function for the 2003 WSF. IBASE—through Cándido, from the WSF International Committee—with support from the Banco do Brasil, is preparing a seminar in April in Rio de Janeiro to give continuity to this work).
  • Networking Project to favor articulation, cooperation, and sharing among actors and networks. Internet contact among delegates before the WSF—with e-mail and personal data—and for the preparation of meetings. During the WSF, sessions specifically aimed at meetings and sharing among networks and actors according to issues of common interest; interrelation among workshops, panels, offices (articulation, pooling similar issues, etc.); different-colored cards for the delegates according to the subject matter (for quick identification of a possible contact), etc.
  • Office Visualization Project. Improve the information on the preparation, development, results, and continuation of the Offices. This is where the diversity of ideas, attitudes, and proposals would be expressed. We need to improve working conditions: prior programs, material means, publication of results. Up to now, priority was given to conferences given by certain “key figures.” The Alliance can help to improve the “visibility” of the workshops (before, during and after the Forum), thus reinforcing the participatory process of the event so that more emphasis is placed on exploring and sharing initiatives and practical experiences (so that the Forum’s slogan can be “we are building another world” and “another world is possible”), and for this to be seen in stronger regional and sub-regional participatory activities preparing for the global event.
  • Project for cooperation with the 2004 WSF artistic programme. Enable the Forum's impact on local civil society thanks to cultural activities (Hamilton Faria, Isis de Palma, etc. are preparing a proposal: Conversas de rua, Crescente Fértil, Water, Drums for Peace, Palestine, South Cone, etc.).
  • Project to integrate and facilitate the participation of Asian and African Allies in the 2004 WSF. Increase representativeness in the preparation of global events. Help the African Social Forum become more oriented toward practical aspects and attract social movements that are representative and based on subjects and campaigns. With this aim, the possibility of a specific consultation e-forum for Africa, followed by a medium-scale meeting of the key members of the Alliance, to be set up soon. Invite the Asians and Africans who took part in the Lille Assembly to play an active role in the 2004 WSF. Ensure as representative a presence as possible of Latin American Allies.
  • Project to support the network of volunteer translators and interpreters who have offered their services to the Porto Alegre WSF. See, in Appendix 4, the Netword Solidarity Project proposed by Eliane Carmanim.
  • Project for suggesting basic themes for the 2004 WSF: a) environment and sustainability (there are a lot of activities related to this subject); b) democratization of a global monitoring system; c) the culture, tradition, religiousness and role of women (these subjects are dear to the Asian world and often considered by Western networks and organizations as an obstacle to the application of minimum Human Rights).
  • Sustainable Forum Project. Provide environment-friendly elements in the daily organization of the WSF. Production of less waste, transportation by bicycle, and participation of the local population and organizations in logistic planning. Ultimately, practice the change that we wish to affect the entire world.
  • e-forum21 Project. Establishment, via the Internet, of an effective network for communication and deliberation among the different Alliance groups committed to the WSF/India and the Alliance representatives and the International Committee to establish that the Alliance is present on the International Committee, playing a politically important role in the correlation of forces.
  • Alliance visibility Project: Organize the Alliance’s presence on the stands, offices, Conversas de Rua, Drums for Peace, the publication of the Charter of Human Responsibilities and proposals, summaries, and transformation projects.
  • Alliance coordination Project for the 2004 WSF. In the course of 2003, set up a coordination team for these 2004 WSF Projects with a person responsible for each Project, content mapping, networking—favoring contacts and the establishment of networks - , proposal summarization, office visualization, art, translators, sustainable forum, e-forum 21, Alliance visibility...

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