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Alliance 21: Making Another World Possible
Evaluations, Visions, Proposals, and Projects
Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World
April 2003

The first three parts :

- Evaluation and Vision of the Future
- Proposals and Projects
- Report on the Participatory Process Used for the Evaluation and Future of the Alliance

- The second stage of the Alliance :



By Pierre Calame

Summary :

Early April, I have to make a proposal to the Foundation Council on the guidelines 2003-2010 of the FPH. These will define among others the financial relation between the FPH and the Alliance, and will be stopped in June. Therefore, today I come out of a period of observation of the evolution of the debates concerning the future of the Alliance to submit this proposal, that I propose to you as a preliminary. Send to me your reactions/comments before the end of March.

Dear Friends and Allies,

As you know, the Foundation is in the midst of a sabbatical period. Early April, I am to present the Foundation Council with a first proposal for the Foundation orientations in 2003-2010. The connection with the second stage of the Alliance will necessarily be a strong one. In keeping with what was said at the end of the World Assembly of Lille, this second stage is a blank page open for each of us to write. Not wanting to disturb the progress of the discussions last year, I decided not to post any messages on the "alliance" and the "EIFE" (Enlarged International Facilitation Team) forums, thinking that, considering the role that I played the first stage, people would feel freer to express their own views. But time is running short. This last year has made it possible to clear things up a little. It seems to me that it is now easier to see the strengths and the weaknesses of the Alliance. We have had considerable exchange of views within our own team and with some of you. The Call for Initiatives has on its part yielded quite a crop of ideas.

React freely to my proposal

I felt it was my duty to submit to you the perspectives that seem to have emerged. It is a very subjective view, which in no way commits the FPH team or the Foundation Council. In fact, both will be receiving this text, which I am sending as an attached file, at the same time as all of you.

In my view, everyone should feel totally free to react to this text. May I however insist on the emergency on doing so. Even though the orientations of the Foundation will only be made final in the month of June, and even if these orientations only commit the Foundation itself and its involvement in the Alliance, we should not underestimate the impact of what is first put in writing. All your reactions until the end of March will therefore be welcome and valuable.

To react you have two possibilities :

1. You can send your reactions/comments to the forum of discussion of the alliance Indeed, this mailing list "info" is not a debate forum. If you are not registered on the "alliance" forum, go to and click on "Subscribe". This forum does not accept any attached file.

2. You can also send your reactions/comments directly to my address if you prefer.

IN BOTH CASES, put clearly in the Subject of your message "2e stage of
the Alliance".

This is the synopsis of the prospects described in the memo:

a) A second seven-year stage ending with a World Parliament of Citizens
b) A change of scale leading to multiple alliances
c) Setting up governance for the Alliance that is truly adapted to its natur
e and inspired from the common principles of governance
d) Continuation of the work according to the three paths: geocultural,
socioprofessional, and thematic
e) A diversified strategy for the dissemination and ownership of the
potential of the proposals resulting from the Proposal Papers and the World
f) Socioprofessional enlargement
g) Development of local, national, and regional citizens assemblies
h) Circulation, appreciation, and transposition of the Charter
i) Consolidation of an information system using the experience established
during the first stage
j) Development and circulation of the tools and methods at the service of
the democracy
k) Action designed to address the media, institutions, and political
l) Exploitation of complementarities with international forums, in
particular the Social Forums
m) Commitment of the Foundation to what is most difficult to support and to

Best regards to all,
Pierre Calame

 2001 Alliance pour un monde responsable, pluriel et solidaire. Tous droits rZservZs.