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Alliance 21: Making Another World Possible
Evaluations, Visions, Proposals, and Projects
Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World
April 2003

The first three parts :

- Evaluation and Vision of the Future
- Proposals and Projects :

- Report on the Participatory Process Used for the Evaluation and Future of the Alliance

- The second stage of the Alliance


Part Two: Proposals and Projects

By Martí Olivella
Barcelona, April 20, 2003


  • Projects for the management of the Directory, the e-forums, the newsletter, and information, all of which are essential tools to favor a general up-to-date overview of the Alliance’s current status (persons, projects in progress, etc.), and to favor communication. It is important to generate an updated view of who forms part of the Alliance and how it operates, identifying active organizations, world regions with serious and committed organization processes, and how many people can be considered to form part of the Alliance.
  • Project for the collective writing of a Charter of Principles and internal Alliance regulations, in order to clarify the decision-making and management process, inspired by the Charter of Human Responsibilities and the principles of governance. Within the framework provided by the Alliance Charter, solve the issue of the “legitimacy” of who represents the Alliance in world processes (International Council of the World Social Forum, Ubuntu, etc.). We have to reach an agreement to strengthen our organizational processes, since there is a longstanding need for these aspects to be clearer, more transparent, and functional.
  • Project for training in remote participation, providing tools and good connections in order to favor the work of active Allies lacking the necessary resources, thus favoring a larger cross-section of work leading to alliances other than those limited to local or socioprofessional work. Increase the impact of networks by training Allies in electronic communications, promoting remote participation and using a common method to improve cross-cultural and complex understanding. See proposal by Théo Bondolfi in Appendix 3.
  • Projects to organize regional Alliance collectives: one or two in America, in Europe, in Africa, and in Asia, grouping together active Alliance members per continent or sub-continent. They will edit a regional work plan, with concrete objectives, targets, activities and responsibilities. It is on a regional level that we can be more active and make a greater contribution to the development of the global alliance. In this framework, each region can seek funds, establish projects, seek new alliances, etc., thus relieving the burden that falls on the FPH. This would require more active regional focal points to promote these processes.
  • Project for a “professional” team to seek diverse sources of financing according to the Alliance’s new overall horizons and projects. Request the support of the FPH so that this team can start to work for an initial period. In general, and for specific projects, the idea is for the FPH to provide at least partial support, for one or two years, according to the specific plan of each project, while other funds are obtained, including Allies' subscriptions to certain services. To seek financial support from other foundations and organizations for the Alliance project and the specific projects involved in its development, the projects have to be well-defined and feature the persons in charge, the timetables, and the budgets. This has been one of the most important problems facing the Alliance for some time. We have been depending practically exclusively on the support provided by the FPH (the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation) and on contributions from several individuals and organizations. However, we need to create a stable fund-raising unit in order to carry out our projects and activities.

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