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Alliance 21: Making Another World Possible
Evaluations, Visions, Proposals, and Projects
Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World
April 2003

The first three parts :

- Evaluation and Vision of the Future
- Proposals and Projects :

- Report on the Participatory Process Used for the Evaluation and Future of the Alliance

- The second stage of the Alliance


Part Two: Proposals and Projects

By Martí Olivella
Barcelona, April 20, 2003

Specific Priority Projects to Be Undertaken by Groups of Allies

1. On making progress in the Alliance’s internal organization
2. On producing a summary of Alliance proposals
3. On turning the proposals into transformation projects
4. On Alliance support for the 2004 World Social Forum
5. On the Alliance and the 2010 World Parliament

How to Begin


Proposal on training Allies in e-communication, by Théo Bondolfi (in French)
Translation Project for India, by Eliane Carmanim of Netword Solidarity


Specific Priority Projects to Be Performed by Groups of Allies

The following projects have been suggested by different Allies and positively valued in the EIFE e-forum. For them to be put into practice, we need groups of Allies to study their feasibility (objectives, means, schedule, persons in charge, budget, sources of financing...) and offer to promote them. In some cases, they can be presented for the FPH's Call for Initiatives, since most of these “projects” comply with their requirements: publication, cross-relation and concrete specification of Alliance proposals; search for self-financing for the Workshops and the Alliance; the new period of the Alliance aimed not only at reflection, but also at social transformation.

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