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Thinking through University reform

Published in November 2001

Coordinated by ...

- Aïcha Archiche

Modératrice/traductrice du forum UNIV France


- Alfredo Pena-Vega

Experto en educación superior

Site - http://www.ehess.fr/centres/cetsah/...


- Ana Sanchez


- Edgar Morin

French sociologist. He studied in the Sorbonne, where he became affiliated to the French Communist Party. He participates in the French resistance during the Second World War where he knew François Mitterrand. After France was liberated, he participated in the occupation of Germany and wrote "The year zero of Germany" where he described the situation of the German people. After 1949 he moved away from the French Communist Party, and he was expelled shortly after.

He entered to the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) where he is going to conduct a multidisciplinary survey in a locality of Brittany, published under the title of Plozavet. This one is supposed to be one of the first essays of ethnology on the contemporary French society. Some years of reflection brought him to developing an innovating thought based on the complexity, multidimensionality of nature, including the human nature, and pluridisciplinarity of science. Later he became Honorary Research Manager in the CNRS. He founded and he directs the Association for the Complex Thought (APC)

He has been member of the Orientation Group of the review "Transversales Sciences-Culture" and in the Alliance he participated in the World Citizens’ Assembly (Lille, France, 2001)


- Georges Garcia

Co-facilitator of the network "Universities" and the ORUS (International Observatory of University Reforms). Association for the Complex Thought. European Program Modelling the Complexity http://www.mcxapc.org /.

Site - Observatoire International des Reformes Universitaires (ORUS)


Topics Included

education . knowledge control . responsibility . university . world

Workgroup Papers

Go ! A New Way of Seeing Things: Women’s Proposals for a More Equitable Society in Greater Solidarity
Go ! Art and Cultural Identity in Building a United World
Go ! Cultural and Cross-cultural Diversity in the Age of Globlization
Go ! Education for Active and Responsible Citizenship
Go ! Information society, knowledge society: benefiting from change
Go ! Interreligious Dialog
Go ! Proposals for Education in the Twenty-first Century
Go ! Proposals from the Social Monitoring of Science Forum
Go ! The Alliance and the Media
Go ! Thinking through University reform
Go ! Time and How It’s Used: Proposals for a Sustainable Development
Go ! War and Genocide ... Restoring Humanity in Human Beings Faced with Extreme Situations
Go ! Youth Action and Proposals for Social Change

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