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Cultural and Cross-cultural Diversity in the Age of Globlization

Published in September 2001

Coordinated by ...

- Agustí Nicolau-Coll

Agusti Nicolau-Coll was born in 1962 near to Barcelona, Catalonia. BA in Geography and History (University of Barcelona, 1988), MA in Geography (University of Québec at Montreal). In charge of the Cultures and Development Department at the Montreal Intercultural Institute from 1990 to 1995. Coordinator of the chapter of Intercultural Relations at the Centre for Social Innovation in Barcelona (1996-99). Founder and director of Intercultura - Centre for Intercultural Dialogue in Catalonia (2000-03). He is author of many articles on cultural diversity and intercultural relations, in Catalan, French, Castilian and Portuguese. He is interested at the questions concerning the updating of traditional approaches as alternative solutions to the modernity. He is a traditional catholic, far from both progressist and conservative or integrist approaches.

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Topics Included

culture . cross-cultural . cultural diversity . economic globalization . globalization . world

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