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Save Our Soils to Sustain Our Societies (SOS2)

Published in October 2001

Coordinated by ...

- Alain Ruellan

He works in organization, programming and interdisciplinary realization of teaching and scientific research for sustainable development. He is engaged in favour of the development and the liberation of peoples. He is active as a militant, in syndicalism, associations and political action.

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- Mireille Dosso

Teacher-researcher in Soil Sciences. National Center of Agronomic Studies of the Warm Regions (CNEARC), France


- Rabah Lahmar

TORBA, Soil & Society, France


Topics Included

ecological balance . environment . environmental education . natural resources . politics . soils . sustainable development . values and perceptions . world

Workgroup Papers

Go ! Sustainable Forest Management
Go ! Agriculture and Sustainable Development
Go ! An Energy-efficiency Strategy for the Twenty-first Century
Go ! Civil society and GMOs: What Strategies Should be Applied Internationally?
Go ! Environmental Education
Go ! Food Sovereignty and International Trade Negotiations
Go ! Food, Nutrition, and Public Policies
Go ! Industrial Ecology: Agenda for the Long-term Evolution of the Industrial System
Go ! People’s Right to Feed Themselves and Achieve Food Sovereignty
Go ! Proposals on Food Security
Go ! Proposals Related to the Water Issue
Go ! Rejecting the Privatization of Life and Proposing Alternatives
Go ! Save Our Soils to Sustain Our Societies (SOS2)

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