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Proposals on Food Security

Published in January 2001

The concept of "food security" can be approached in different ways, though which are more or less limited. This document takes a wide-ranging approach that takes into account the different aspects related to the supply of food and the capacity of access to it. It also deals with issues such as food quality, food related customs and culture and the sustainability of the food system. In parallel, this approach is governed by principles related to the interdependence between food security and nutritional security; the simultaneous participation of government and society in its construction; and, lastly, the human right to food as an essential component of the right to life. This implies considering the problem of food security with other issues, such as the systems and methods of development implemented in the countries of the South, the World Trade Organisation, GMOs, etc.


Réseau Agricultures paysannes, sociétés et mondialisation (APM)
FPH, 38, rue Saint-Sabin, 75011 Paris.

Coordinated by ...

- Francisco Menezes

Economist, specialized in Agriculture. Coordinator of the Agrarian Studies chapter of IBASE. Founding member of RIAD. In IBASE, he works especially on MERCOSUD issues and the campaign on the Brazilian agrarian reform. He is also responsible of DPH in IBASE.

Site - Instituto Brasileiro de Analises Sociais e Economicas (IBASE)


- Renato Maluf



Proposal’s paper in French - 205.6 kb -

Topics Included

international trade . agricultural policy . democracy . food safety . GMO . market regulation . state . sustainable development . world

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