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Rejecting the Privatization of Life and Proposing Alternatives

Published in July 2001

Coordinated by ...

- Robert Ali Brac de la Perrière

Biologiste au Centre de Recherches Scientifiques et Techniques sur les régions arides. Président de la Bédé (Bibliothèque d’Echange de Documentation et d’Expériences).

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Topics Included

biodiversity . market regulation . natural resources . science and technology control . technology and viable development . world

Workgroup Papers

Go ! Sustainable Forest Management
Go ! Agriculture and Sustainable Development
Go ! An Energy-efficiency Strategy for the Twenty-first Century
Go ! Civil society and GMOs: What Strategies Should be Applied Internationally?
Go ! Environmental Education
Go ! Food Sovereignty and International Trade Negotiations
Go ! Food, Nutrition, and Public Policies
Go ! Industrial Ecology: Agenda for the Long-term Evolution of the Industrial System
Go ! People’s Right to Feed Themselves and Achieve Food Sovereignty
Go ! Proposals on Food Security
Go ! Proposals Related to the Water Issue
Go ! Rejecting the Privatization of Life and Proposing Alternatives
Go ! Save Our Soils to Sustain Our Societies (SOS2)

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