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Sustainable Forest Management

How is it possible to completely rethink forest-management methods and their interactions with other uses of rural and urban areas?

Published in October 2001

The Proposal Paper "Forests of the World" was elaborated on the basis of many contributions to an electronic forum by participants, which took place in 2001, from February to October.

As expected, due to the complexity of the theme, this Paper is full of contrasts. The proposals reflect several realities and visions - such as the United Nations conference in New York and a meeting of young people in Amazonia. Marking this diversity, a common objective: to stop the course of forest destruction around the world.

The main theme of the proposals is to maintain the source of biological and cultural diversity in forests, with the objective of establishing guidelines for a healthy and sustainable relationship between human beings and the environment.


- Europe: Ferme de la Bergerie, 95170 Chaussy - France - bergerie@fph.fr
- Americas: Crescente fertil - Praça do Centenario 72 - Casa F - 275 11 130 Resende RJ - Brésil - lfcesar@terra.com.br

Coordinated by ...

- Luis Felipe Cesar

Facilitator of citizen networks on forest sustainable development in Brazil.

Site - Crescente Fértil


- Olivier Ranke

Farm "La Bergerie" of the Foundation Charles Léopold Mayer. He works on biologic agriculture, and city – country relationships. Assessment of agricultural production with some cooperatives of consumers.



Final version - 1.3 Mb -

Topics Included

agriculture . environment . Europe . local development . natural resources . rural world . world

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