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Biodiversity, GMOs, and Privatization of the Living World

Biodiversity, GMOs, and Privatization of the Living World

The arrival of the first genetically modified plants in 1996 triggered a violent argument at both local and international levels between the advocates and opponents of GMOs. The former argue that this biotechnological revolution will save humanity from malnutrition and certain diseases while protecting the planet against environmental degradation, whereas the latter argue that it makes the world and humanity vulnerable to uncontrolled risks regarding food, loss of independence for small farmers and the loss of biodiversity.

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Yaoundé Declaration; World Conference of Traditional Farmers; Camerun, May 6-11, 2002 :: February 2007 ::

Living Material Is Declared World Heritage
:: Nova, Centre per a la Innovació Social (NOVACIS) :: February 2007 ::

GMOs: The Planet Taken Hostage
:: Terre Citoyenne - Agricultures Paysannes et Mondialisation :: February 2007 ::

Biodiversity and Global Governance
:: Bibliothèque d’Echanges, de la Documentation et d’Expériences (BEDE) :: February 2007 ::

Proposal Paper: Civil society and GMOs : What Strategies Should be Applied Internationally?
:: Frédéric Prat :: February 2006 ::

Proposal Paper: Rejecting the Privatization of Life and Proposing Alternatives
:: Robert Ali Brac de la Perrière :: February 2006 ::

Documents on Food Security :: March 2002 ::


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