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Go ! The Barcelona Meeting - The Future of the Alliance - 18 July 2003 - by Hamilton Faria
REPORT FROM HAMILTON FARIA World Network of Artists in Alliance Artists Socioprofessional Network "If the Alliance didn’t exist, it would have to be invented". Inspired by these highly symbolic words from Marti Olivella, we held our (historic) meeting at Barcelona on the Alliance’s present and future. The meeting gathered 30 allies and members, mostly comprised of persons from the social-economic sector, and participants from other socioprofessional networks and workshops such as Yin-Yang, (...)

Go ! Information for the Next World Social Forum - 10 January 2003
About 100,000 people are expected for this third version of the WSF, including some 30,000 in the Youth Camp. These figures are the key factor for this third WSF, as they raise huge problems in the organization of this major event. (For further information : The Forum will begin Thursday, January 23 with a demonstration and the opening ceremony. There will then be four working days with workshops, seminars, panel debates, conferences, and “dialogue and controversy round tables,” and the Forum will end on Tuesday, January 28 with a closing (...)

Go ! Follow-up to the World Citizens Assembly - 10 May 2002
The first World Citizens Assembly was held in Lille (France) in December 2001. The Assembly, which gathered four hundred participants representing a fair balance of the different regions of the world and different socioprofessional spheres, foreshadowed a World Parliament. The results of the work carried out by the Alliance workshops since 1994 is now contained in the publication of sixty Proposal Papers, which were presented for the first time in Lille and for the second time at the World Social Forum this past January 2002. The World Assembly identified the common priorities for change (...)

Go ! Chronicle of the meetings - 17 April 2002 - by Gustavo Marin, Karine Goasmat, Robert David
The following description is not complete. We are eager, however, to inform you of what we were able to do in such little time. Several civil-society organizations in Palestine and also in Israel are especially active at the moment. We would like to stress that without their presence we would not have been able to do anything much. In Jerusalem, which lies just 15 km away from Ramallah, it is possible to talk to people and to circulate without any major problems. We should nonetheless not (...)

Go ! Agenda 2000-01 - 8 January 2002


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