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Local Authorities or Local Facilitation

Published in November 2001

Proposal Paper of the Socioprofessional Network of Local Authorities: Local Authorities or Local Facilitation

All the important issues of the contemporary world, whether social, political, economic, or ecological, have an impact at a local level. Moreover, it is at the local scale, after the failure of centrally decided, sectoralized and uniformly implemented policies, that alternative answers are currently being invented. These facts give a new scope of responsibility to local authorities. In a society that has become predominantly urban, they are facing a historical challenge.

The potential strength of local communities is in their ability to link the different problems together and to search for more diverse, coherent and collective solutions. This often requires a reform of local governance, based on a common ethics and on a new global approach to problems.


Coordinated by ...

- Roger Winterhalter

Maison de la Citoyennété, France


Topics Included

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