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Alliance 21: Making Another World Possible
Evaluations, Visions, Proposals, and Projects
Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World
April 2003

The first three parts :

- Evaluation and Vision of the Future
- Proposals and Projects
- Report on the Participatory Process Used for the Evaluation and Future of the Alliance :

- The second stage of the Alliance


Part Three :

Report on the Participatory Process Used for the Evaluation
and Future of the Alliance

EIFE and e-forums, and Porto Alegre Meeting
March 2002 - April 2003


3. Interpretations of the appraisals and comments on the 12 texts


Interpretation of the 31 appraisals and 22 comments.

Most of those who appraised the text see the Alliance as an extremely rich place for exchanging ideas and thoughts on new and alternative civilization paradigms and, at the same time, as a forum that enables "human" enrichment, a way of “being together” that one also considered to be innovative.

There was some disagreement on whether the proposals of the Alliance are truly anchored in the problems that human beings and societies face daily. Moving in this direction, one comment stressed the importance of personal change and of the identification of the challenges of the human condition.

Although there was a variety of opinions, there was still a majority who agreed on stressing the importance of the scale of the Alliance and on the fact that it has been an unusual collective adventure in its proposal-building focus, its thematic scope, its socioprofessional and geocultural diversity, and its calendar, which is independent of the official international calendar.

It was found that the result is somewhat frustrating for some and some described this frustration by expressing a doubt as to whether "our" forces could truly oppose, in time, the destructive forces that are in the hands of politicians, big business, and the military.

Also, although this was one of the most criticized points, it was stressed that personal investment in the work of the Alliance after several years has been colossal. Some commented that on some occasions, a lot of energy was wasted.

Along these same lines, some also stressed that much disillusion turned up and many people withdrew from a number of processes, which should lead to reorienting certain aspects.

Lastly, there was a great divergence of opinions on whether the Assembly of Lille, the Proposal Papers, and the present direction of the Alliance is exceptional and really hold great promise for the future of the planet. It was also questioned whether the Alliance had really contributed to social transformation.

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