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Economic Policies

Published in May 2001

Currently, economic polices summarize the main characteristics of the neoconservative system. They have been responsible for borrowing and updating conservative principles, previously thought obsolete, once again giving impetus to the expansion of a new wave of accumulation by the capitalist economy. The challenge is to make economic policies capable of redistributing revenues and wealth, linking social and cultural diversity from local to global levels.

The document lists a series of proposals aimed at promoting a change of paradigm in the formulation of economic policies. This can only take place through action by society and the democratization of states.



Coordinated by ...

- Jaerson Lucas Bezerra

His areas of work are: Municipalization of the Social Politics in the Context of the Fiscal Crisis and of the Reform of the State. He assists Social Movements and NGOs. He has participated in Aliança Cone Sul.



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Topics Included

economy . economic globalization . market regulation . state . world

Workgroup Papers

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Go ! Debt and Structural Adjustment
Go ! Economic Policies
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Go ! Fair Trade
Go ! Finance for the Common Good
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Go ! Growth and Sustainable Development
Go ! Health and its Issues in the Twenty-first Century
Go ! How Can Companies Exercise Their Responsibilities?
Go ! Precarity and Exclusion
Go ! Production, Investment, and Technology
Go ! Red Card for Tourism?
Go ! Social Money: Lever of the Economic Paradigm
Go ! Solidarity Economy
Go ! Solidarity Finance
Go ! Tax Policies, Redistribution, and Social Welfare
Go ! The Trade-union Movement at the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century
Go ! Women and the Economy
Go ! Work, Employment, and Activity
Go ! World Trade Organization

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