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Information society, knowledge society: benefiting from change

Published in July 2001

Coordinated by ...

- Valérie Peugeot

VECAM, France. Association leader. She organized the meetings of Parthenay (France) on the participatory democracy. Co-facilitator of the MCA. (Movement of Active Citizenship) and of the "Rendez-vous de la Curiosité". Co-facilitator of the European network Inter-citizen Conferences (CIC). Founding member and volunteer of the magazine "La Rue". Coordination of the "Maison Grenelle."

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Topics Included

Africa . education . social change . Americas . Europe . governance . information . Internet . knowledge control . science and technology control . state . world

Workgroup Papers

Go ! A New Way of Seeing Things: Women’s Proposals for a More Equitable Society in Greater Solidarity
Go ! Art and Cultural Identity in Building a United World
Go ! Cultural and Cross-cultural Diversity in the Age of Globlization
Go ! Education for Active and Responsible Citizenship
Go ! Information society, knowledge society: benefiting from change
Go ! Interreligious Dialog
Go ! Proposals for Education in the Twenty-first Century
Go ! Proposals from the Social Monitoring of Science Forum
Go ! The Alliance and the Media
Go ! Thinking through University reform
Go ! Time and How It’s Used: Proposals for a Sustainable Development
Go ! War and Genocide ... Restoring Humanity in Human Beings Faced with Extreme Situations
Go ! Youth Action and Proposals for Social Change

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