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People and organizations from the American continent participate to the dynamic of the Alliance from its beginning, as a step further to their daily activities et their preoccupation. Several meetings took place in Latin America as well as in North America.

For necessities of organization, four subregions have been identified on the continent : North America, Meso-america and the Caribbean, Andean countries and South Cone. However, the allied groups in those sub-regions are conscious they participate in a same dynamic. A coordination meeting of the animators of each subregion in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in September 2000 allowed to share points of view on this process and to organize the continental coordination of the 2000-2001 process. Four subregional meetings in those regions took place between February and May 2001 to prepare the continental meeting which took place in June 2001 in Quito (Ecuador).

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First Meeting of the Young Committed People in the Building of a New Society :: October 2000 ::


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