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This workshop aims to be a space of reflection and construction of proposals towards an Education for a Responsible, Plural and United World, an education that can be a genuine transformation tool, allowing us to position ourselves in front of the challenges that faces the society at the beginning of the XXIst century.

In a context of a crisis of the civilization, like the one we are suffering, characterized by economic and productive processes that are destroying life and cultures, where the great majority of the men and women are excluded, and in which their rights are violated; it is necessary to start a deep analysis and to redefine a series of key spaces that constitute the societies.

Education is one of this spaces, and it has a fundamental rol when forming men and women able to approach the reality with critical spirit, to become genuine main characters and committing their selves to work hardly and in common in defense of the rights and the life of those who are excluded. In the current context, the education (as educational system) is used as mere reproducer of the inequality and the social injustice. It is based, for diverse means, in the imposition of an ideology that settles in the technological rationality and that pretends to be seemed as the only model to get out from the crisis.

On the other hand, this model uses the education as a consumption good, feasible of being produced, sold and bought in a market that offers as many education possibilities as socioeconomic conditions present the social fellows. This place should be redefined to guarantee the public education as a social right, without abandoning the aspiration of improving the educational quality, understood as a right for all.

From this space, we hope to overcome this reductionist vision of the education and to generate a space of reflection and construction of proposals towards an Education for a Responsible, Plural and United World, an education that is constituted in a tool that allows us to know, to understand and to transform the reality. In this debate on the sense of education, and the definition of what education we want and for what society we want to educate; it is indispensable the participation of all the sectors: educators of the formal and non formal systems, students, parents, officials, leaders and social militants, workers, young people, etc.

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A High School Trains Students with a Curriculum Oriented Towards Practicality in a Rural Mountanous Area in Lesotho
:: Thierry Lassalle :: February 2007 ::

Education: An International Perspective for the Debate :: June 2001 ::

The Good Fortunes and Misfortunes of Continuing Education in France
:: Jacques Ardoino :: June 2001 ::


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