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Education: An International Perspective for the Debate

Today, the debate on education extends to the international level, given that it could be attributed very different roles in the future, depending on the orientation imposed by the present globalization process: either the current neoliberalism with its design to homogenize culture, or a transition toward a different and human world in solidarity.

A transition toward a different and human world in solidarity, which is an alternative route of opposition, is currently and increasingly expressed through a convergence of social movements involving citizens of the whole world. When approaching education from the global point of view, we are inevitably led to analyzing the processes and the mechanisms through which the new globalization process becomes a concrete cultural, social, and historical context for education. The questions that arise are: How much do the current directions of globalization affect the national and continental educational processes? How is education inflected to fill the roles it has been assigned? How can education play a key part in the development of an alternative globalization, based on equality, solidarity, and the mutual and democratic recognition of national and cultural diversity?

Education often appears as important only from the point of view of the labor market. Thus is left by the wayside or in the background an educational project that could play a key role in the construction of cultural identity, in the development of a humanist philosophy that includes all the men and women on Earth, and in the development of global, just, and sustainable production structures. A proposal for an alternative globalization must consider these points as essential problems: public education, deeply modified and influenced by the participation of civil society, is certainly the best institution, from the historical point of view, to start this transformation project.



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