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The Good Fortunes and Misfortunes of Continuing Education in France

Article by Professor Jacques Ardoino on continuing education in France.

What we call "continuing education" in our society was developed over the last half-century. This formulation, initially covering the management and administration of education system, is however part of a broader constellation of terms and expressions - adult education, permanent education, people's education, literacy building, and awareness raising - which in turn are connected to concepts that have become classic - pedagogy, didactics, teaching, instruction, training, "alternate training," facilitation, sensitizing - which, although globally interdependent in some of their aspects, convey completely heterogeneous philosophies, in combination or contradiction, in the realm of education sciences.

In France, it is these contradictions among heterogeneous thought systems that slow down, compromise, and paralyze the development of continuous education and the possibility of taking professional and personal skills into consideration. Hence we should not, even for reasons of operational and administrative utility and effectiveness, cut up, fragment, and treat them separately (theoretically and practically) without referring to the overall issue.

We seem to have not understood very well, in the past fifty years, that the basic meaning of the enhancement of professional and personal skills was one of "returning to the living," to the biological, in a world of labor almost entirely restricted to its "mechanics." Life, art, and imagination are legitimately claiming their respective places. This would be the combination of existence and the essence.



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