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Sustainable Soils Management

Sustainable Soils Management

Soil is scarce and a scarcely renewable resource. With all its diversity and by virtue of its multifunctional character, it is one of the most important bases for life on Earth, one of the major factors for balance of nature.

Soil is at the heart of current human development problems; in particular, it is at the core of the food and environmental concerns experienced nowadays worldwide.

Nevertheless, soil is still used in an unsustainable way by human societies; little is actually done to mitigate soil degradation or to improve the situation of degraded soils world-wide. Local and global economic systems are accountable for this neglect.

This situation, which involves risks for both natural and human systems, is mostly due to ignorance in all spheres of society-from the simple citizen up to the decision maker-about what soil is and why it is necessary to preserve it. Hence, soil is always absent from public debate, especially where social choices are concerned.

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