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First Meeting of the International Facilitation Team of the Alliance: 1999

During the year 1998, a big consultation campaign among Allies on their vision of the 2000-1 Assembly was implemented. In parallel, discussions were held on how to "govern" the Alliance, leading to the election of an "International Facilitation Team" (IFT). The latter met for the first time in Barcelona, in September 1999. This document presents a report of the main decisions resulting from this meeting.

Main decisions resulting from the IFT meeting:

- The team's role is "to facilitate relations and initiatives among Allies to bring about the new stage of the Alliance." This is team to facilitate communication, discussion, and decision making among Allies.

- The Alliance Assembly is designed as a 2-year process (2000-01), the culmination of which will be the simultaneous holding of several international meetings in every continent, all interconnected, which will be held around the solstice of the year 2001 (June 21).

- For the months to come, Allies must begin to circulate and share their thinking, experiences, and proposals.

- Allies are invited to become involved as early as possible in the preparation of the Assembly, notably by means of Internet-based discussions.

- The IFT is organized into 4 commissions to facilitate the Allies' work: Assembly 2001; Communication; Methodology; Themes.



Gustavo Marin
Director of the Forum for a New World (...)
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Marti Olivella
Director of Nova, Center for Social Innovation,
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Nacéra Aknak Khan
Director of Culture XXI. Formerly president (...)
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